Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Honeymoon Part 4 : Lake Como

Hello and Assalamualaikum wbt to all my readers. I would like to continue the series of my honeymoon trip to Italy. It's been a while since i updated my blog. This time around, I want to share our trip to Lake Como first. Turin will be having it's own entry as it's quite a special place for my husband to visit and we did took a lot of photos there so will do that in other entry ya. Milan will come in next!

First, selfie of the day! We departed to Lake Como via train, so instead of taking taxi (jimat punya pasal) we walked from our hotel to Milano Centrale. It takes us about 30 minutes walking but it was a good walking day so we do not really feel tired at all.

I managed to took few photos during our walking trip to Centrale. I like this train station better than Rome because it has LUSH store in it! Hehe. Our train departs at 8 in the morning. We arrived at the train station quite early so we bought some snacks to eat while on train. I love love love love love the croissant from Bistrot Milano Centrale and bought the croissant in two flavors. One in creme and one in chocolate.

The travelling time from Milan to Lake Como takes about only 45 minutes. At first, we do not know anything about Lake Como. One day, while watching some Youtube videos, we encountered this one guy, praising and talking about Italy like it was his second home. He mentioned Lake Como and how we NEED to visit there when we are in Italy. So, we did listen to his advice and go for a day trip to Lake Como.

Upon arrival at Lake Como, we went straight to find a place to eat lunch. Tried to google for a Halal Food but it was quite hard to find. Fortunately, we managed to find a 'halal' food at the side of the lake but still we did not take any meat. I tried to be as Vegetarian as possible since i do not eat seafood that much.

Lake Como is a very nice, cosy and a bit outskirt from the busy city. It is very near to Switzerland, even the train that we boarded goes straight to Switzerland after dropping us at Lake Como.

These are the food that we ordered. I have been trying to eat pasta in Italy and now i have fulfilled my wish. Husband ate a whole plate of seafood and he said it was superbly nice! The Panna Cotta is also delicious!

After having our stomach full, we went to the Navigazione Lago di Como, it's actually a small port for boats to dock and for passengers to go to other cities near Como. We went to Bellagio, nearly the most further city from Como. The travelling time from Como to Bellagio via speed boat takes us about 45 minutes as the boat needs to stop at several stations before reaching Bellagio.

You can see the tip of a mountain in Switzerland from Como. It was indeed, beautiful.

There is nothing to do at Bellagio as most of the shops are close. So we ended up having a Caffe Latte at one coffee shop and bought a bag for my dad there.

So we departed to Como back again to wait for our train to Milan. It was around 7.00pm that we boarded our train  to Milan and took a taxi back to the hotel.

Lake Como was indeed, beautiful. If we were given a chance to visit there again, i would definitely do so.

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