Thursday, May 18, 2017

Honeymoon Part 5 : Milan

Assalamualaikum wbt and a good day to you! Thank you for reading yet another simple story of my honeymoon trip to Italy. This time around, i will share our experiences in Milan. We spend a lot of days here in Milan, 4 days 3 nights to be exact. Just because we wanted to go other cities and they are nearer to Milan, we decided (actually i was the one decided on everything! haha) to stay a bit longer in Milan. 

This picture was taken the first night when we're in Milan at Via Brera. I suggested that we could try to find the route to Il Duomo from our hotel. Just wanted to know how long do we need to walk and to familiarize with the route. I always like to prepare things first. The main reason why i need this walk is because we will be visiting Il Duomo the next morning and we have to be there at 9.30am.

After about 30 minutes walking, we arrived at Il Duomo and the famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, where all the shops are selling high end brands from Hermes to Ferragamo to Prada. The best thing is that, they actually displayed the price at the window. If you are a follower of Prada or Hermes and know the names to their handbag, you'd probably know which prices match to which item. Sadly, i am not a high end handbag kind of person because i could not afford it. Hehe

One thing that we encounter in Milan is Carabinieri which can be considered as their Army Police. They were not that friendly though. We asked where is the nearest toilet and they just don't know. Maybe they don't speak English. So, the only place i could think about which has free toilet is McDonalds and i am right! So in case if you need to go to the loo and don't know where, try to locate a McDonalds. Hehe

We don't do much in Milan. My main place to go in Milan is Primark. I have been dying to go to Primark and only know that they only have it in Milan (now they do have in Florence as well i guess). For us to get there, we need to board a taxi from Il Duomo to Il Centro, which is a bit outskirts from Milan city center. After asking few taxi drivers, one decided to get us there! We have to pay i think about Euro 20 but it's okay, as long as i get to go to Primark, i'm happy! 

Actually, we visited Primark right after our tour in Il Duomo. At Il Duomo, we don't really take many photos but my husband managed to snap few wefies. We climbed to the roof top and it was exhausted! Thank God we managed to climb up and down safely. Please bear in mind that in order for you to enter Il Duomo, there'll be a thigh security check upon entry. No water bottle, no perfume (even the mini ones!), no sharp items. It's like the airport security style except this time around, it's their army who will do the bag checking. 

Well, i am not so much a Milan type of person. I like Rome much better than Milan. Perhaps we don't really visit all the tourist spot in Milan. If i were to go back again to Milan, i rather choose other places like Florence or even Lake Como! Maybe my heart is not suitable to live in Milan. Too many high rise buildings and quite modern. 

I shall write about Turin next! 

Till then,

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