Friday, May 26, 2017

Honeymoon Part 6 : Turin & Juventus Stadium

Assalamualaikum wbt and happe Friday all! It's the day before Ramadhan starts and i would like to first and foremost i would like to wish all Muslims who is currently reading my blog 'Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan al-Mubarak!'. Hopefully we could complete our fasting this month for a celebration of Aidil Fitri later on. :) 

This would be my last Honeymoon series blog and will be focusing more on BOTD entry back again after this. I have several beauty products in line to be reviewed, some local brands..some are international brands, some are good and some are so-so. 

The real intention why we visited Turin is because husband wanted to visit his dream team's stadium. We departed from Milano Centrale to Turin Porto Nuova Station and it takes us about 1 hour travelling time. We always took the business class while travelling via train and time time around we can see a lot of business people talking on the phone, reading news paper and some are also quite bust with their laptops doing work. Perhaps, Turin is their next metropolitan city apart from Milan. 

From Porto Nuova, we took a taxi straight to Juventus Stadium. There, we went to shop in the J Store before purchasing the Stadium Tour tickets. Since we did not get the translator audio, during the tour they only speaks Italian. So we did not understand anything at all and just follow the flow. 

You can checkout the price for Juventus Stadium tour via their website and you can even purchase their museum tickets online as well. It was a dream come true for my husband (i hope so) as he is the supporter of Juventus football team. I am just the sidekick. Haha.

We did not really take photos as we do more videos for this tour. I'll post up the video soon in the sidebar of my blog for you to see. :) 

We visited most of the areas in the stadium, from the changing room, to VIP seating room, Press Conference Room to even a bit of the field. 

If you are a sole supporter of one football team, this will definitely be the once in a lifetime chance but i do hope we could go back to Turin again. 

Turin is similar to Rome but it is a bit modern than Rome. It can be the middle city between Rome and Milan. Milan is no doubt the most advance and modern city we visited in this whole honeymoon journey. Turin is slightly colder than Milan and Rome and even Lake Como. So, prepare the right gear if you wanted to visit Turin.

After a half day tour, we went to the shops beside Juventus Stadium to eat. We had margharita pizza, freshly cooked from the oven and of course, caffe latte. 

That one whole pizza costs about Euro 8 only! 

Well, my advice if those who are planning to visit Italy is..

1. Bring the right shoe! Yes! You will be walking here and there so make sure you are wearing the right shoe.
2. Prepare your itinerary carefully and correctly. You will be visiting a lot of places.
3. Save their taxi number. Since Grab is no longer legal in Italy, you need to save their taxi phone number just in case if you need a taxi to go some places.
4. Learn some basic italian language such as 'Grazie', 'Bueno', 'Uscita' and more.

Till then,

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