Monday, June 5, 2017

BOTD : Breena Beauty VelvetCreme

Assalamualaikum wbt and happy Monday all! It's the 10th day of Ramadhan and this year i will be fasting the whole 28 days of Ramadhan, InsyaAllah. Since it is nearly Hari Raya, I would like to share my opinion on the latest Velvet Creme lipstick by Breena Beauty. I am always in support of our local beauty product business, especially when it comes to my friend's business.

I actually bought the whole nine shades when i was in Rome. It was that time the Velvet Creme was launched and i grabbed their promotion price, 3 velvel creme for RM100. Hence, this is going to be an honest review of mine. :)

I love liquid lipsticks. I can still remember my first liquid lipsticks which is from Too Faced. It's their Melted ones which i really really love. I don't know how to describe when i first applied my liquid lipsticks. I never look back.

What is so special about Velvet Creme by Breena Beauty? 

1. It is a matte liquid lipsticks which does not dries up my lips at all~
2. Super long lasting. Like, really really long lasting! Even after a plate of fried food, you can still see the lipsticks on your lips. It is not wudhuk friendly though. You need to wipe it out using makeup remover.
3. Really Really pigmented and kiss proof!
4. It is approved by KKM. Yay!
5. It is vegan and cruelty FREE!

I can classify these lipsticks onto three categories. 

RED shades.

These are the darkest shades for this velvet creme. Cat Lady is a mauve pink color, Courage is more on plumy side and Lady Boss is a bright chili red color.

PINK shades.

These are some pinkish shades. Kindness is a bit more on deep mauve plum color. Frosting is a very cute barbie pink color and Macaroon is more or less nearly brownish color. Macaroon and Kindness looks nearly the same but, Kindness is a bit darker than Macaroon.

NUDE Shades.

These shades are for those who like nude brownish color. Teddy is a light brownish color. Cocolatte as the name sounds is more on like a medium brown color while Kindness is more on the pinkish brown color. 

Overall, i am satisfied with the formula of these liquid lipsticks. Some of them do have some candy scent to it (i don't know if it all supposed to have the scent) but it does not bother me at all. It takes a bout 15-60 seconds for the velvet creme to dries up after application and it lasts for the longest time. I can even compare the lasting power with the international brand Too Faced Melted lipsticks.

If you are looking to purchased these, please visit their website at Breena Beauty. I can see that the stocks are getting lesser and lesser each day. You can also purchase these at Zalora  as well! Each priced at RM39.

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