Wednesday, July 26, 2017

BOTD : Red tint war: Son&Park Air Tint and Saemmul Tint

Assalamualaikum wbt and happy day to all! It is Wednesday and i feel like sharing some red lips tint today. You can get both tint at Althea Korea website which i will be linking it down below later on. Recently, i have been testing and loving some lip tint, and i look at how long can the tint lasts on my lips. Hehe. Some products maybe saying a water tint but it can be longer lasting than the other tint. Want to know my verdict? 

First thing first, why all red? Well, i am not so sure why but maybe i am prone to wear red lips now. I can wear bold red lips and feel confident about it. Red lips makes my teeth looks whiter. Hehe.

First, lets review the Color Cube by Son&Park. I was attracted to its packaging. I am intrigued to see a squared shape lip tint packaging. This is like a really cute cube! 

I purchased in the shade Pubian Red, which is a super duper red! If you are not up for it, you wont be liking this shade.

The feeling once applied onto my lips are...non sticky! Although it looks like it is a bit glossy but it is not sticky at all. I can say that it is super easy to apply with it's doe foot applicator and it glides smoothly on my lips without much effort.

After several rounds of eating, it is still i can say in place as the tint is not actually looks like a tint at all. It is so rich and thick and i almost consider this one as a liquid lipstick instead of a tint. 

One cute cube costs about RM 43 (while this entry is up today) and you can purchase it at website.

Lets go to the second tint. This one has a very interested packaging. It is shaped as a sweets or candy. I was a bit skeptical when it comes to its pricing. Don't get me wrong, Althea has made Korean beauty and makeup products affordable, way too affordable but still, a RM 18 original Korean lip tint is still a shocked to me.

This water candy tint by Saemmul is super cute! I though it was going to be a bit smaller in size but nooooo, it has the size of an original lip tint and is not a mini size at all. Hehe. Maybe because of the price, i thought that this tint will have the size of a real candy. Haha.

Just twist one side to open for application. It has the normal doe foot applicator, super easy to apply. The applicator is quite small and fits perfectly on my lips. No extra lip tint at where i do not want it to be. 

So, still in shock i can say that this is one of the best water tint i have ever tested. Just look at the color and pigmentation of it! Super duper pigmented and bright but it feels super light on the lips i tell you! If you want a bright tint but feels super airy and lightweight, this should be your first choice! Despite the price, i think it is so worth it! The one that i had in the picture above is in the shade of Red Mango. I think it has another 4 shades, ranges from red to pink! 

Do get this via Althea Korea's website today! I am planning to get all shades available soon! 

So far, i am loving both! I give both 5/5 stars! I do have Red liquid lipsticks to share with you girls as well! Bought exclusively via Althea Korea okay! Hehe. Next post coming up soon, ya! 

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Lip tint is applied by dabbing at the inner part of your lip and then with your finger, dab and spread to get the natural look.

    1. Yeap! That is one of the way on how to apply and create Korean gradient lip using lip tint. I like mine to be full like this.


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