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Pregnancy Blog : 1st Trimester DONE - PINK BOOK Registration.

Assalamualaikum wbt friends and families! I know, i have been silence all this while. I do have so many things to post out, so many items to review but it is just that my conditions does not let me for the past few months. And with the title above, you may know why. Hehe. Well, to some people this is not a brand new news but still i have not been revealing about this in a official way, be it via social media or face to face.

This is the picture that i posted out few weeks ago and some did captured what is this pink book means and some just not sure what it was. Well, i do not blame them as if i am not pregnant, i wouldn't know what the heck is this Pink Book! Haha. 

When i got the news that i was pregnant, i did my own research on what to do next. I do have many cousins who are already married and gave birth but still, googling it down seems easier to me. Cause at that point of time, i still want to keep it hush-hush. Mana tau, kalau tak ada rezeki dan tak menjadi. So, that is why this pink book picture is a teaser. I do not really upload any pictures of the scan as yet. Will do one day! 

Well, during my first trimester, i was doing quite well. I did not puke not even once! Hehe. But i feel nauseous and i could not eat certain food. It just won't swallow. There's this one dish which i can't even smell the scent which is Assam Pedas. I just can't...i don't know why. Haha. 

The above picture was taken on the first day of Ramadhan, I was about 12 weeks at that point of time and i look chubby. I weight about 63 kg when i first open up my pink book at the Klinik Kesihatan Sg. Merab Dalam. Why did i choose to open up the pink book? Well, after reading so many blog posts and do some researched by googling, most of the mothers-to-be at the point of time said that it is better to have that pink book. Although my plan is to give birth at a private hospital but who knows, things might change right. We do not know when the baby will come out and that pink book is crucial to have especially if we were to give birth at a government hospital.

Let me share with all of you the process of opening up the pink book at government clinic. I shall type this in Malay for easy understanding and story telling 

1. Mula-mula skali kena tengok alamat rumah yang korang tengah duduk sekarang ni. If alamat tempat tinggal sekarang & IC korang sama, bawak salinan IC saja. If lain, korang kena bawak bil air/bil elektrik rumah yang korang tinggal tu untuk bukti penempatan.

2. Sebelum pergi ke klinik kesihatan yang berdekatan, korang dinasihatkan untuk call dulu klinik tu. Macam Anfaal, area yang Anfaal duduk tu banyak klinik kesihatan kerajaan. So Anfaal call yang mana terdekat dan derang akan advicekan untuk pergi kat klinik yang mana satu. Sebab sekarang ni, klinik kesihatan pun ikut area coverage tau! Sebab nanti lepas bersalin, nurse tu akan datang rumah untuk check dan tengok baby. Rasanya, semua services ni FOC. Bagus kan klinik kerajaan. :)

3. Bila dah tau klinik mana yang patut pergi, call klinik tu and then buat appointment untuk jumpa doc/nurse untuk buka buku pink. Certain klinik tak buat checkup hari-hari. Macam klinik kesihatan yang Anfaal pergi, hari Isnin & Selasa jer untuk ibu mengandung. Hari lain semua untuk Kanak-kanak. 

4. Bila dah dapat tarikh dan masa appointment. Siap sedia jer lah hehe. Macam haritu, Anfaal buka buku pink masa kandungan umur dalam 8 minggu kalau tak salah. If korang dah pernah buat scan sebelum tu, boleh bawak sekali gambar scan tu so that nurse tu percaya la yang korang pregnant dan memudahkan untuk buka buku pink tu. Dokumen yang korang kena bawak adalah, copy IC, copy bil air/electrik (utk IC tak sama dengan alamat penetapan sekarang), gambar scan perut, IC copy suami. Dah sampai kat klinik tu nanti, masuk dalam dan amik nombor (if ada nombor) dan letakkan semua document tu (klip kan semua) dalam bakul ikut masa appointment korang, if appointment pukul 8am, masuk kat bakul 8am. Nanti nurse tu akan panggil nama.

5. Kat klinik kerajaan tu nanti, korang kena amik darah tau. So, siapa yang gerun dengan jarum tu, kena rilex sikit jer. Amik darah kat lengan untuk tengok blood type and HIV test lah apa semua. So don't worry, tak sakit sangat pun. Rasa sikittt jer. Selain dari amik darah, korang kena buat urine test and also hb test as well. Berat badan pun akan di timbang. So, kat situ, buat la appointment seawal pagi yang mungkin. Sebab klinik kesihtan tak bagi MC, derang bagi timeslip jer untuk few hours.

6. Lepas dah check semua, nanti nurse akan advice dan bagi ubat obimin. Percaya la korang, semua tu FOC. Tak payah bayar apa pun walaupun kat paket ubat tu ada tulis RM9.

So, those are the things that you need to know in order for new mom to open up the legendary pink book. I suggest you do open up the pink book within 8-12 months of pregnancy if it is too early, the nurse would not want to let you open up the book as yet. I don't know why tho.

Now i am in my 18th Week and i lost 3 kg since my last checkup. I did not dare to ask the nurse if this is normal but they seems to not to say anything about it so i guess it's okay. I need to gain more weight after this to support my baby and myself as well. Need to eat more nutrition food also. My hb is dropping each time i do my checkup which is not good. But by constantly taking obimin meds, it will not let my hb go lower. InsyaAllah.

My first trimester went smoothly. When we first got to know that i was with a child, my husband did sujud syukur which i think is his way of showing his excitement by thanking Allah the Almighty. He has been super supportive and has been to all of the checkups which i can't thank him enough for that!

So far, Alhamdulillah. I am fine and the baby is fine also. I shall update more regularly on my pregnancy here in my blog. Just had my MGTT test few days ago. I wonder should i post my experience up? Hehe. Who wants to know?   

Till then,

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