Monday, July 10, 2017

Selamat Hari Raya (a bit late post!)

Asslamualaikum wbt friends and families. I know the first day of Aidilfitri is long gone but still we are in Syawal month and i would still like to wish all my readers 

'Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri'
'Maaf Zahir & Batin'

This year is my first year celebration Raya with my husband so i am a bit excited. We celebrated our Raya eve at Kajang for takbir raya and then the Raya day itself was at Melawati and Gombak before heading north to Alor Setar. It was a smooth journey heading north as i think everybody was at their home town already. 

*Raya day with Saif and Mama in law*

*At Gombak with mama in law and husband*

This Raya, it was all about green for me and my husband. Well, i kind of mandate it to be green because i never had any green color Baju Kurung and it was just the right color for us i think. 

*At Gombak with Husband's brother and sister and mama*

*Arrived Alor Setar and played fireworks at night infront of mama tok's house*

*Arrived Penang from Kedah in about 1 hour 30 mins driving*

It was a meaningful Raya day this year as we celebrated at Kajang, Gombak, Kedah and Penang all together and it was no traffic at all! The journey from Kedah to Penang was a bit jammed but we made it cause it was just near. Penang to KL was smooth! I am a good planner afterall. Hehe. 

Looking forward to our second Raya together next year. InsyaAllah, it will be the three of us next time. :)

Till then,

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