Monday, August 14, 2017

BOTD : Althea's Petal Velvet Powder

Assalamualaikum wbt and happy day to all! I would like to share one new item from Althea today. It's their first very own product and i can't even contain how happy i am for them! I wish them more success and new products to come in the future! This time around, i want to share with you my experience using their first ever product, Petal Velvet Powder!

As usual, the ever so cute Althea's box came in to me sometimes around 2 weeks ago. Once received, i open up the box and there i can see this cute little powder, laying there asking me to use it straight away!

The powder comes in a very cute pink box with Althea's logo on it. Since it is only 3g of powder, therefore the packaging and box is super cute and mini! Even the fluffy puff is also SUPER CUTE!

Behind this cute little box is something written in Korea which i am not familiar with. I just hope that at least there's some English translations at least on the ingredients part that would be nice. :) But i understand that this is a 100% made in Korea product hence it is all in Korean.

It is best to have the expiry date and YAY they do have it printed out at the bottom of the box! Glad to see this being printed out instead of that duration jar thingy. You know, 6M, 12M icon.

At the top there's a tiny font stated Simply Perfect with Althea Korea's sticker seal.

The powder! Super cute even my hand is bigger! Hehe.

The packaging is so sleek i love how mini it is i can bring it anywhere i want to! But i just wish they could have much bigger in size so that i can use them up everyday without having to worry that i'll finished so soon. Since i am a person who needs to use translucent powder after applying any liquid foundation to set them up, this small jar could lasts me for about 1 month. Yes, 3 grams of powder can lasts about 1 month. Why so?

Because the powder is super fine you do not need to apply a lot! Just a bit here and there and you are done. Best part is that, you are not wasting powder at all!

Althea Petal Velvet Powder:

Long wearing & Makeup Setting
Contains Micro fine Particles, Soft & smooth texture
Using natural, cruelty-free ingredients

Lets talk about its ingredients. Petal Velvet Powder contains Althea flower as its main ingredients. Althea flower is known to protect the skin's barrier from dehydration and increase moisture level. Then we have polyphenols to protect the skin from the sun and saponarin to helps to repair damaged skin cells and restores elasticity!

If you are looking for a non-comedogenic powder which can controls sebum and super lightweight with translucent color, this is definitely the one for you! For just RM16 per jar, you can own it yourself via Althea Korea website!

Get yours today and try it for yourself!

Till then,

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