Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Malacca Trip (1 night)

Assalamualaikum wbt all. Just would like to share with you our trip to Malacca last weekend. It was something that was planned last minute and we just don't know what should we do in Malacca and i thought this could be the time for me to rest and just enjoy my 1 night weekend in Malacca. 

We booked The Pines as our stay in as it was a bit outside from the center of attraction in Malacca. Plus, the hotel looks quite nice and new. Once we reached there, we were shocked to see that the room is super spacious! It has sofas and sink and what not, just like an apartment just without stoves and microwaves.

I always booked my hotel via Booking.com as i like that it has a FREE Cancellation just in case if i don't feel like going for a holiday (i don't know who does that but sometimes emergencies happened and we have to cancel the trip). We booked the Deluxe King Room for RM295.18 per night (without taxes and all). After checking in, we were quite hungry and it was about 3pm or so, so we decided to go to The Shore Shopping Gallery and see what we could eat there. Basically, we did not found any foodcourts there and ended up eating at a Japanese Restaurant. Right after that, we went to The Shore Ocenarium which located in the same building as well.

*Our room view*

*Inside the Ocenarium*

The Ocenarium opens from 10am-10pm daily and it's like a mini aqua park just like Aquarium in KLCC. It has touching pool and several other marine lives including Penyu! Tickets price starts at RM35 for adults and RM25 for children aged 3 years - 12 years.

After visiting the fishes and penyu, we went to Pantai Klebang for an evening stroll and food. We ate at some stalls (they have hundreds!haha) and tasted the Original Coconut Shake as well.

Come night time, at first we thought of eating seafood at Umbai but we change course to Asam Pedas Laksamana instead. You know, just to taste the so called real taste of Asam Pedas in Malacca. Not bad actually. I took Asam Pedas Pari and husband had Asam Pedas Tenggiri and two hot drinks for just RM35++. Thought that the price would be higher than that. 

So, day 1 ended with a full stomach and happy faces. As for day 2, we started our day by having breakfast at the hotel and then during lunch time, we tried the viral Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball for the first time.

Husband who dislike chicken rice, could actually say that this could be his favorite restaurant from now on! OMG! The taste of this chicken rice is superbly awesome! The price is reasonable too! We ordered 1/2 Roasted Chicken, 15 Rice Balls, 1 Sambal Udang Petai and 1 Omelette with 1 ice lemon tea and 1 nescafe tarik and we paid around RM75++ if im not mistaken. Well, quite affordable and trust me, 10 rice balls is NOT enough for 2 pax. Haha.

After that, we went to look at the Kuih Keria Viral just hoping that we were lucky enough to get the kuih keria but unfortunately the queue was super long and i am not going to wait that long for a kuih keria so maybe some other time. We went to Jonker Walk straight after that in the thought of just to pass by before we went back home. Fortunately enough, we got a parking spot so we decided to park and walk. Nothing much there actually and the weather was super hot so we decided to stop inside H&M just to cool down. After some shopping in H&M (yes yes yes...) i wanted to visit the Mamee Jonker House and see what is they hype is all about. We went inside their museum, paid RM5 each. Not much to see as it was quite small but cute. You can read the history of Mamee in the museum and take photos with the props there.

At first, i thought that we could join the Mamee Workshop but it was only for minimum of 4 pax. The PIC advice us to go into the museum first and see if there's other families who would like to combine the receipt with us. After strolling inside the museum, we went for a drink inside the Mamee House. I had a bowl of cendol and husband drank latte hot. The cendol was super awesome!

The PIC then asked if we are still interested in joining the workshop and i said yes. We were given an empty Mamee Cup to deco and color. Each cup costs RM5.30 or RM5.50 i could not recall. So, we went to Level 1 and start decorating the cup!

We can choose either chicken flavor, tomyom or curry laksa. I choose tomyam and husband choose curry laksa. After coloring, we need to pick 4 extra ingredients from the picture above. Customized your mamee noodle cup. Hehe. Then it will be plastic wrapped to secure the freshness and walla! Finished.

After this activity, we went straight home and arrived at about Maghrib time. It was a full 2 days 1 night trip for us and will definitely revisit Malacca again and for sure to go to Ee Ji Ban again. 

Till then,

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