Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Bismillah..Dengan Nama Allah..

Assalamualaikum wbt semua. Ramai yang dah maybe tau Anfaal sedang pregnant our first child together. All preparations are in order but still some things needed to look after. Each week, ada je benda yang tak beli lagi lah, benda yang kena beli lah. But so far, all is in order insyaAllah. My mom and dad has been supportive as well, reminding us on what to buy. Even my dad bought baby clothes during his business trip to Amsterdam and Germany which is quite odd! Haha. Daddy never cares about buying baby clothes before! A bit funny to me and i can't imagine how he picks up those tiny dresses and think that it is okay to get that. I mean, his fashion sense is quite nice! Never know that my entire life that's for sure. Haha.

I am reaching my 38 weeks this Friday. My due date would possibly be 8 Dec 2017. No one can predict when will they give birth but as of now, i am still okay despite a bit penat nak jalan sana sini and my feet both are swollen to the max! My husband would massage my feet each night and talked to this little pisang inside my tummy. 

Well, both of us can't wait to meet you little one. Including the rest of the family members as well. So, just bear with us a little while when you are here in this world later on. We will for sure akan gomol-gomol hang. Haha.

So hopefully the delivery went well insyaAllah. :) 

Till then,

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