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My labour experience! Nearly 36 Hours at Prince Court Medical Centre

Assalamualaikum wbt friends and families. This entry will be kind of boring as it won’t have much pictures to show ad compared to my previous posts. Nevertheless, i would like to share my labour experience, giving birth to our first child. A healthy baby girl. 

Since before getting married, i told my boyfriend (at that point of time) that i would want to deliver at Prince Court Medical Centre. Well, it was a choice that i dont need to think twice. When i was expecting my baby girl, my mom asked me where do i want to deliver my baby? And i did not answer her but she answered it herself, “Why not Prince Court? Let the first delivery be as comfortable as possible”. I totally 10000% agreed! Haha. It was my dream hospital afterall.

So, when i first got to know that i was expecting, I straight away asked my husband to make an appointment with Dr. Seri Suniza (the only Muslim Female gynecology there at the moment) and my God her schedule was super thight! I was about 7 weeks when we make the appointment and it was around in April 2017 and I received my first appointment date in June 2017! Haa. See how busy Dr. Seri is. So while waiting for my first checkup with Dr. Seri, we went and open up the so called ‘pink book’ at Klinik Kesihatan. If you need to know the details on how to open up this book, i’ll share mine soon. 

My EDD (expected due date) should be on 8 Dec 2017 but since my baby is still happily living inside my womb, Dr. Seri gave few days more until 11 Dec 2017 (was supposed to give about 1 week but my waterbag is just about 7 and normal is 10) so i would need to be induced on 11 Dec. Before that, i had to undergo an ECG scanning for two days just to monitor my baby’s heartbeat and movements. 

So the day has arrived. Me, my husband and my mom went to Prince Court Medical Centre (PCMC) at around 11.30pm Sunday night and arrived at Emergency at around 12.15am Monday morning. After checking in, registered and paid for deposit we were ushered by a portal to our holding room. Inside this holding room, i was being prepared to be induced. The first dose goes in at about 1.00am. I had an IV being done as well ad i kid you not it was painful. Haha. 

Three hours later, the nurse came in a check my opening and it was only 1cm. So the second dose is being put in (you know where kan? Hehe inside the down under) and i was given a medicine to let me poop so about 5 mins after that, i had to go to the toilet. Wow. Super effective this medicine if you are having a hard time to poop. Haha. So morning time, they checked the opening again and it was only 1.5cm so they called the doctor and the doctor came in to check. She did something down there until i had a show of blood. Of course it was super pain and super uncomfortable but i had to remain silent cause, that is how I react when i am in pain actually. She said she’ll insert another dose of induce at around 11am Monday and that would be the last dose for that day. If there is still no progress, she gave me a permission to go out and walk, walk, walk. Go to Pavillion and walk. Haha. I was like, wow! This is the coolest doctor ever! Before that, the nurse asked me what kind of pain killers do i want to take. They have three types, one is a jab at the booty/thigh area, second is an epidural and third is the laughing gas (ethonox). So i opted for the booty jab haha. It was a pain reliver for the first 7-8 hours but once the pain killer starts to fade away, contractions startes to come in and you do not want that. 

But of course i did not go to Pavillion cause my water breaks at about 3pm Monday so i was rushed to the labour room straight away. Since my mom was together with us since morning and only 1 person can stay inside the labour room so my husband send my mom back home and came back to the hospital after that. 

At about 10.15pm the contractions started to feel stronger but my opening is still about 3-4cm. After thinking deeply and talking to my husband, we opt for epidural. Well, a person got to do what a person got to do i guess. So husband signed the consent form and Dr. Syed came in to jab in the epidural. The procedure takes about 15 minutes from the signing of the consent papers to Dr. Syed finishes the routine. I was super nervous each time when there’s things that involved needles and keep on asking the nurse ‘Sakit tak kak? Sakit tak?’ - ‘Will it hurt?’ Haha. So when it is the time for epidural, my mind was not ready but my body is so i just go for it. 

The procedure of getting an epidural in PCMC was super fast. I dont know about other hospitals but it was done in less than 5 minutes. You would need to hug a pillow with your husband standing in front of you. Then the specialist will find the suitable area behind your back to insert the catheter. Before that, the anesthesiologist will numb the area first. The first step of numbing the area was a bit painful like a pinch of pain. I am not sure what happened back there but my husband said that Dr. Syed is super professional. He will explain each steps of what he will do next and what should i be feeling. So when the catheter is being inserted, he said that i could feel a bit like an electric shock or in Malay we use the word ‘ngilu’. Then, when the painkillers were being inserted, i can feel a bit of like a cold water travelling behind my back and then suddenly my contractions getting stronger a bit and then getting less and less until there’s no pain at all! Then i can eat chocolate and drink water and have a good night sleep. So yes, epidural is wonderful. 

So the next day, Tuesday i started to feel that my epidural dose is no longer effective so i called the nurse to increase the dose. I dont know what she did but still the contractions are getting tensioner so i called her again and said that i can feel my contractions. Isn’t that supposed to be gone when i had my epi? So, she inserted the liquid meds though the category instead and the contractions fade away again slowly. The pain started to come back when it is about 8am in the morning. When the nurse came in and check my opening, she said at about 6-7cm now. Wow, i am not sure why but even with epidural i can still feel the pain so i guess they do not want to overdose me wih epidurals. At about 9am, Dr. Seri came in and check my opening and it is nearly 9cm. So we are all exited to welcome this new baby. The nurse prepared the necessary, i was in total pain without epidural dose anymore and suddenly so many people came in to see. The nurses asked me to push, saying that lets practice on how to push at 10:15am. Trying to push and push and push but still the baby cannot go out. I was in pain, the nurses keep saying do like my first push and so on until i can’t concentrate. I thought we are just going to have a practice session but it seems like it is the real session of pushing. Haha

After nearly 2 hours of pushing, the doctor came and said we need to take you for an emergency c-sect now as i do not want to make you suffer from contractions pain longer. I have endured hours of labour from being induced and seluk-seluk, so i guess it is time for a C-sect. That time, husband needs to sign some consent form again and i have to sign here and there and i was in pain and the nurses keep on saying breathe in and out when i have contractions ctions (which does not help at all but it helps me to stay alive i guess). 

Inside the OT room, i was being prepared for an emergency c-sect. They were very professional in handling me and they know that i was in pain. The docs and nurses helped to ease my contractions away and the anesthetic doctor was helpful enough to explain on each medication that he inserted through IV. I was quite calm, maybe because i have been in an OT before this and i know how it feels like. Well, to cut the story short, my baby was born at 12.15pm on Tuesday, 12.12.17. Nope, i did not plan for the date and it was not a planned c-sect. Well, i was quite sad that my husband can’t come into the OT but i will make sure my next labour he will be in there to cut the umbilical cord. Sorry sayang. 

So therr it goes, my experience in labour at PCMC. Anyone delivering at PCMC anytime soon? :) 

Till then,

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