Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Bottle feeding

Assalamualaikum friends and families. Baby M is already 1 month old today! I have been doing a lot if baby shopping via online during my confinement days which will end soon. And most of my purchases are baby bottles and soothers. 

At first, during my pregnancy months, we bought Avent bottles, Suavinex and Comotomo brands cause we thought that she would definitely have a brand that she don’t like. We have tried Avent Classic (bought at Tesco) but the bottle is not colic friendly enough. She choked a bit if she drinks milk using that bottle. 

Next, we tried Comotomo since we saw a lot of parents especially new parents feeding their baby using Comotomo. I kid you not this is not a cheap bottle. I kinda like the silicone feel of the bottle and how cute it looks while feeding baby. Haha. And we appreciate its very wide neck, easier to pour EBM milk or even FM! The teat looks like mother’s breast too. Maybe to avoid nipple confusion i guess. I love love love love this bottle and my baby seems to really like it too! Oh wow very high maintenance lah you! Haha. 

After Comotomo, i know being the first time mother i bought another new bottle for her. Hahaha. Well, i guess i was bored and need to do some online shopping. I bought the latest bottlw for her which is from Dr Brown’s range. Since my baby is kinda gassy and i suspect she has reflux so i thought this bottle could help a bit. At first, she was okay with the bottle, no problem feeding what so ever. Then, after few feeding, she kinda of rejecting the bottle. So, i guess i wont be using this bottle for a while. But it does help her on the reflux so i was a bit sad on that part. 

Well, my motherhood journey is still going on and i am still experimenting all sorts of likes and dislikes of my daughter. Well, still a loooooong way to go! 

Till then,

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