Monday, April 16, 2018

BOTD : Bare Essentials Skin Care by Althea Korea (FREE SAMPLE up to grab!)

Assalamualaikum wbt and happy Monday! Let's read about my review on the new and latest skincare by Althea Korea, the Bare Essentials three steps skin care. I have tried and tested all the products in this skin care line and will tell you my absolute honest review. 

Lets see what is inside the set shall we? I am going to show you one by one from my bare face without makeup until my full skin care routine face. 

My absolute bare face. No makeup, no skin care. Basically baru bangun tido face. Snapping picture inside the toilet is just not my forte anymore. I forgot all the best angle shot but hey, this is the natural me. You can't get any natural than this. Haha. 

First product of the day! The Contour Cleanser which is super cooling to the skin. The first time using this cleanser, i can feel the cooling sensation and some tiny flecks of scrubs inside it. You do not need much as it will foam like nobody's business! Haha. Seriously! The cleanser is packed with Ice Plant and detoxifying Lemon Myrtle extracts. As the name goes, this contour cleanser definitely helps to promote blood circulation, reduces bloating and swelling and it gives a slim face shape. Plus, it has ice plant in which could relieves itchy, pain and swelling if use externally.

Second step would be the BEST EVER Prime Water. Why do i say the BEST EVER? Cause i really like the scent. Yes. If you are quite allergic to skin care with scent, just to let you know this one has a tint of scent to it. It looks super thick inside the bottle but once applied on the skin, it feels super fresh and super moisturizing and again i really like the scent! The Prime Water consists of  Snow Lotus Extracts which could gently fill in pores and allows hydration to penetrate deep inside the skin. With the extract, we could see that it gives out the natural glow of the skin to make it look fresh.

Third skin care routine with Althea Korea Bare Essentials set. The Fixer Cream with the ingredients from Trehalose, Wild Green Tea and Baobob Tree Extract, this fixer cream feels super light on the skin but provide more moisture on the skin. Just use a little bit of the cream, dab it onto the skin like how i did it on the last pic above and then spread it evenly for a fresh and moisture feeling skin!

Tadaa! I can now just apply some sunscreen or any SPF products and i am good to go! I noticed that this skincare does not have any SPF into it so i have to add another item on my own. Hopefully they'll bring out SPF cream soon! You can notice the difference without skincare face and with skincare face on the pictures above. My post skin care face is more moisturized and more glowing. It is now easier to apply makeup as well balanced moisturized skin gives a really nice canvas to the skin. I did not suffer any breakouts using these skin care line. No redness or itchyness on skin too. This is super great!

The set costs RM116 and you can only purchase it via Althea Korea website. You can purchase it loosely or all three items! The best thing is that, this skin care can be use by all types of skin! Start your skincare today by Althea Korea.

Thank you Althea Korea for this lovely set. I am continuing using it until today. I love to use the cleanser every morning as it brings up freshness on my skin.

Anyone would like to grab a sample of these skin care? Comment down below with 'I WANT ALTHEA KOREA BARE ESSENTIALS SKIN CARE SAMPLE'. The top 3 will be getting the sample shipped from me! YAY!

Till then,

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