Monday, April 9, 2018

Cara hilangkan selsema anak - Pengalaman sendiri

Assalamualaikum semua. I know it is Monday but do not be mundane about it ya. Be happy, create positivity. Anak baru lepas baik selsema, Alhamdulillah. I do not want to blame anyone on her sickness and wealthiness. Cause who to blame? It is all in the plan of Allah. Last week, my daughter is not well (again) as she got caught with flu. Habis semua remedies dah google and semua pun ada sebut this one home remedy yang berkesan untuk anak mereka. So, i was wondering, can i try this? Will it work on my daughter? Kita usaha dan ikhtihar saja. 

So i did take the kunyit hidup, potong dan buang kulit sikit, lepas tu kisar sikit untuk keluar airnya and then sapukan di hidung sampai ke ubun-ubun. Sambil sapu tu, selawat sekali yer. I did this on Thursday evening, Friday morning and evening. By Saturday, Alhamdulillah her flu is getting better and she's no more sneezing all the way. She just sneezes once or twice. The most important part is that, her phlegm dah kering. I was super amazed!

Apart from putting turmeric on her nose, my husband did a very good job on getting rid of the phlegm from her nose. Selalunya, husband akan sedut terus jer. Haha. Machine MommyHana nasal aspirator ada je beli tapi suction dia tak berapa kuat sangat and my baby does not like it if guna suction yang tinggi. So, better just bagi ayah dia je sedut, ye tak? Hehe.

*Sleep well my pwincess*

Alhamdulillah, with the turmeric and Probiotics (prescribed by her Paed), she's healthy and naughty now. Just look at her face with her daddy at Elia's wedding last Saturday. 

If korang nak tau what probiotics she's been eating, i'll update in my next post ya. It'll be on my experience handling baby with sore throat. Yes. Sore throat. :( Super siksa for the baby tau! 

Till then,

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