Monday, April 2, 2018

Tateh Fashion Show 2018

Assalamualaikum wbt semua. Alhamulillah everything went well last Saturday. I was quite afraid on bringing my little one to her first (and mine too!) event for this year. Since my husband is supportive of me being a blogger mom now, he accompanies me to take care of my little pwincess during the event. 

As usual, whenever she's in a car ride, she'll fall asleep like nobody's business. If it is the time for her to sleep, she'll sleep whenever and where ever she feels to. I am extremely happy that she's now behave like a 3 months old. She laughed like mad when her daddy kisses her and always like to smile nowadays. 

The event was held at Mega Glory Hall, Osteria Bangi, which is like 10 mins drive from home so i am fine to bring little pwincess along with me. Since i would need to start back on blogging, i am super glad that they invited me to attend this event. I need to speed up again on my blogging so that i could update things that i wanted to update my readers here. Plus, this has been a passion of mine since i knew how to use computers. Haha. 

As usual, we have to register and were given a RM200 worth of goodies bag. I Have yet to take photos of all the AWESOME products inside the goodies bag. Will do soon and upload the photos inside this blog.

*Goodies for babies and mommy*

*Goodie for mommy only hehe*

The event was being officiated by En. Sheikh Ahmad Haikal and also a dua recital by Ustaz before the fun begins! The models were super CUTE! Some just have the courage to walk alone, some needs their parent support to walk down the red carpet runway, some are asleep and needs to be carried by the parents. Haha. But overall, all super cute weh! :)

*Micha is trying to be the first model to 'walk' the runway*

Participating brands includes

Comotomo, Babymel, Storksak, 40Weeks, Kidia Wear, Fathiya's Dreams, Eiman's Kids, Zip & Zoe, Gabag, El Zahraa Kids, Mimosa, Mak Yang, Neng Salmah, Tropika and more!

The fashion show is also consists of not just kids but for mommies as well! Storksak diaper bags and Babymel just captured my eyes but i have to control my shopping lust cause i have everything now. Hehe. *Drooling*

While i was sitting in front, i can see that these two people are bonding with each other. Father, daughter bonding session kat belakang dewan yer. Hehe. 

The session ended with some show for kids hari raya this year. I did eyed on this one kebaya which is super adorable if Micha wears it during raya time. Might be buying them from Tateh soon. Haha. We are still deciding on the color theme for this year. :)

I would like to thank Butik Tateh for inviting me, a newly start mommy blogger to attend your event. It was indeed something that i really wanted to attend since i am no longer an active blogger, i need something to blog about and you came it at the purfect time! :) 

If you are looking to purchase babies and mommies stuffs, do visit Tateh Shops near you. They have more than 10 branches across Malaysia

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