Thursday, May 31, 2018

MBO KECIL Movie - Marissa's first movie experience

Assalamualaikum wbt. and happy day to all! First and foremost, this is not a sponsored post. I bought the tickets myself so not being sponsored yah! hehe. Well, since almost everyone had watched The Avengers : Infinity War and we felt a bit left behind, i took the initiative to search for a kids friendly cinema and to my surprise, there are quite a few in Klang Valley area. Tried to go for TGV but Avengers are only screening in kids friendly cinema at Penang so found out that MBO also has a kids friendly cinema named KECIL and there's Avengers screening at The Starling Mall, PJ. So last Monday, i bought us a ticket for Tuesday afternoon screening. 

At first, it was quite confusing. I mean, i am new to MBO mobile app and to just choose the package is quite jumble to me. They have several choices of seats and there is no explanation on the differences of the seats. I called their customer service number but no one pick up (well, they need to improve on this i think) so i tried my best luck to ask them via FB Messenger as i an see that they have 100% responsive mark. Well, no wonder it is 100% responsive. They are using chat bots but still, my questions have been answered.

So, if you are looking to purchase MBO Kecil's seat, please refer to below differences;

Adult/Child Standard = Bean
Adult/Child VIP = Standard Seat
Adult Couple = SofaBed
Single Pack and Share Pack is actually tickets + popcorn combo! 

Well, i am not sure what to expact since Marissa is not a stay at one point kinda girl. She gets bored quite easily and to have to be in the cinema for 2 hours an 30mins, i just hope that she could just sleep when she's tired. I also do wish that the sound would be a little softer but it is not. I have not been to TGV kids friendly cinema as yet but they claimed that the sound is a bit softer than the regular cinema. Thank God Marissa can still fall asleep during the screening session. 

I personally took the sofa bed, just because i wanted my baby to be able to sleep if she wants to. The sofa bed is quite huge, i think it could fit 2 adults and 2 toddlers. 

These are the other choices of seats. Below the sofa bed is actually the standard seat and Bean bag seat is just before the screen. I am not sure how comfortable the bean bag seat is. There's also a playground for kids to play as well. So, parents could just watch movies without having to supervise their kids. LOLS. Play at your own risk ya. 

There's also a baby room just right across the cinema hall. The room is equip with Coway hot/cold water, tap water, changing mat, sofa and also electric plug for pumping milk. I am starting to love this cinema already! Haha.

I would advice for you to bring your own blanket (huge one if possible) cause the aircond is quite cold for baby. Marissa here, sleep soundly after milk time. Hehe. 

So far, i rated this cinema 4 stars. Well, i just hope that the sound would be a little softer/slower. That's the only thing that might be bothers me. The sound is just like the regular cinema sound which is not kids friendly, just to my cents. 

Anyway, Marissa has been good so far, just she gets bored quite easily and can't wait to get out of the cinema. Haha. So i have to bring her outside for a walk and then come back inside to watch the movie. This would certainly not going to be out last movie sesh together as a family. Hope that we could watch Jurassic Park soon! 

Till then,

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