Wednesday, July 4, 2018

[BOTD] COC Eye Contact Single Eye Shadow RM10 ONLY??

Assalamualaikum wbt to all make up freaks! Today i wanted to share with you one of the best purchase i did from Althea Korea. A very cheap and super affordable eye shadow but not lacking in its pigmentation. It was told that the eyeshadow is matte finished but it seems like a satiny finished to me. Well, let see my verdict on this and let your eyes do your own verdict as well. ;) 

I bought these two babies few months back, perhaps a year ago but i just did not use it that much as last year i was too lazy do even do my makeup (i was pregnant then). So i just left these two awesome babies in my makeup drawer. Recently, i picked them up back again and started to play around with it. I was super shocked to see that these babies never really disappoint me at all. 

I picked up two colors just to see their pigmentation. These two are my everyday colors i would say. Some safe brown-ish colors. #01 Caramel Toast & #4 Earl Grey.

Caramel Toast. A color as per its name. An everyday color for us to wear. Smooth and buttery (quite powdery but i can say that is because i pressed the brush too hard on the eye shadow) and pigmented. 

Earl Grey. This is also a neutral color with a hint of grey undertone. You might see this as a brownish earthy tones but when you applied it onto the lids, you can see the brownish turns to grey in no time. 

The one time swatch. Yes. This is only one swipe of swatch on my hand. Not powdery yet it feels like satin smooth. I am purchasing more of these shadows so stay tune for more reviews on these babies. It has 7 tones you can get them all at Althea Korea with FREE Shipping for 2+ items! 

Why wait! Come and shop today! RM 10 eye shadow for all! You wouldn't believe your eyes after getting this shadow for sure. Just read all the ratings for this shadow in Althea's website. ;) 

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