Monday, July 9, 2018

[BOTD] Colourpop Pressed Powder. Worth The Hype and Price?

Asslamualaikum wbt and happy Monday. Since it is Monday today, i would like to start my day by doing a bit of an eye makeup today. I have been neglecting my eye shadows for so long as i do not have that vibe to even do my makeup few months back. Since I came back from my maternity leave, my makeup mood has been in a bell curve mode. Some days i am up to it and some days are just a no no.

I bought these pressed powder a year ago. It is just that i am too lazy to do my makeup, or maybe the colors that i bought are just not my everyday colors hence it took me a while to just do my makeup with the color choices that i made. 

I purchase the pressed powder separately with the palette. I am not sure if they do carry this type of palette now. I can only see their newest edition of empty palette (shaped like a Z palette). I appreciate a palette with mirror attached to it actually since i am a long sighted and short sighted at the same time. Special eyes, huh? 

If you are familiar with Colourpop products, you'd know that their eye shadows are the bomb (also their lipsticks range) and is pigmented. I love the fact that their matte eye shadows are not powdery but super pigmented. You may say that 'Meh, this is what you call pigmented?' but just wait till you have it in your hands and you did the swatch yourself. These swatches are not with primer, just to let you know. 

Please ignore my wrinkly eyes. This is why you should not tug your eyes while removing makeup. I have been doing that since my teenager years plus, my eczema makes it worst. So, there you go. My bright pink makeup for today. :) 

The best part is that, i use all of the 4 colors in the palette. First, i use blending brush and applied Fair Play onto the crease. Then, using the same blending brush, i take Labyrinth and sweep it onto the crease to create a depth. Then, i take an eye shadow brush, sprayed it with MAC Fix+ to damp the brush, then applied High Strung onto the center of the lid. I finish it up by using a clean blending brush and take Locked and Loaded, blend it onto the crease and below eye brow. That is it! 4 easy steps for an easy and simple makeup. :)

With just USD 5 per pan, was it worth the hype and price? To me YES! Definitely YES! I do not even mind the shipping part cause Colourpop has some rocking Free Shipping for international and I can say that it is quite fast. So, waiting is not an issue to me. :)

You can purchase all of these pressed powders here
Locked and Loaded - Not available anymore :(
Fair Play - Not available anymore :(

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