Friday, July 6, 2018

[BOTD] Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Metallic Lipstick. It it really metallic?

Assalamualaikum wbt and happy Friday everybody! Yes another week has passed by so that means we have only 1 week left for Syawal before Zulkaedah comes in. Hope everyone has as good Hari Raya celebration this year. We do have another Hari Raya coming soon in August. Hehe. 

Well, I have been to a non makeup shopping spree since i gave birth to my baby girl last December. All these while, my money goes into her items, bottles, clothes, toys, bottles, accessories, strollers (yes. strollersssss. Haha). So, no more money for me to buy my own thing. Even a piece of lipstick. Before Ramadhan this year, i have decided to purchase two lipsticks from the drugstore. I was so outdated on this new makeup and what is in trend and what is not so i just took something from the Maybelline counter and paid for them. 

I purchased two out of 7 shades available, Fire Quartz and Copper Rose which i think may look nearly the same. Haha. I was looking for Spiral Galaxy and Hot Lava but no stocks available. Might be purchasing those two next time around i guess.

It has the usual square-ish shape with black tinted cover. The packaging looks bulkier and it is made from plastics. Well, that is what you get from a drugstore makeup products. I can see that Maybelline really likes these kind of packaging as they have been using it for ages.

I am going to start with my favorite color first, Copper Rose. This is the darker shade, compare to Fire Quartz. I have always been loving darker shades for my lipsticks, the darker it looks like the better for me! haha. So, dark colors are my friends but this lipstick is not as dark as i want it to be. Plus, it is not that pigmented as you may see in the hand swatch. 

The second shade is Fire Quartz. This shade looks a bit bright but when applied, it looks a bit dull on my lips. I'll take a lip swatch photo and will update here soon. Maybe my lips was a bit chapped when i tried to apply this lipstick.

Whenever it says that it is actually a metallic and matte lipstick, i always thought that Meh, it will only have some gold/silver dusts there and not really metallic. Well, this one is not playing around with dusts at all. I am talking the whole lipstick is actually metallic and not just gold/silver specks. I mean, i could not compare this with my favorite Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks cause that one would be the bomb but this could be one of my favorite metallic lipstick too. Just i do hope that they could come out with more colors, more pinks, more neutral, more reds instead of some funky green or even grey color. 

I really love the feelings of it, applying it on my lips. Surprisingly, it does not dried up my lips at all so that is a bonus for me as some say the metal dried up their lips. I will be purchasing more shade soon so stay tune. 

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