Thursday, July 5, 2018

[BOTD] MISSHA Under Eye Brightener. Is it WORTH it?

Assalamualaikum and happy day everybody! I am trying to catch up back again on blogging about beauty products. I have tons and tons of makeup items which are not being used and only being used several times. Recently i have tried to pick up my momentum in doing my makeup back again. Simple makeup will do to the office. Sometimes i do my makeup like a drag queen but sometimes i just feel like not doing my makeup at all. I guess July would be the time where i wanted to do my makeup full force, except when i am not out and staying in the office/home whole day. Since becoming a mother, i have sleep deprivation and to that, i have some dark circles going on now with my under eye. So with that, even with a ton of makeup applied I still can see (and also feel) my dark circle is there. Therefore, i need some under eye brightener straight away! 

Then i remember, i did purchased this one before via Althea Korea why have not i been using it since then? So, scouting for the product begins! Found it, test it and voila! Loving it for sure! No kidding. I really do love this product! Do read more below to know why. 

This is the product. Yes. A bit small or maybe but do not underestimate the size. This is MISSHA Under Eye Brightener (5g), and you can get it at Althea Korea (where i bought them all K Makeup items!). Guess the price before you click this link right here. Now see why i like Althea? Super cheap man! Hehe. Not even RM 20 to begin with! Does it really do its charm? Lets see!

Apply a thin amount of the product onto the darkest circle your have underneath your eye.

Even it out using a brush or in my case, using beauty blender. Notice the difference? Left and right? I hope you are not blinded by the brightness. Haha.

The item weighs about 5g and has a doe foot applicator which makes it super easy to apply. I love the consistency of the product. It is not too creamy but not too runny either. Everything is just nice to me. With this, i could get a non crease under eye makeup for hours! You just have to set it right and voila, you look like you have 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep (as mentioned inside Althea's website. Haha)

This is me, with both dark circles being covered up. Can see how cute my eyes are without the dark circles, right? Hehe. :P

Well, a full force makeup is on! I can say that i am loving this item already and will definitely repurchase once this small bottle is finished. Is it worth it? SUPER DUPER YES!

Now go and get yours today! 

Till then,

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