Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Pigeon PPSU Wide Neck bottle. Really need to be THAT expensive?

Asslamualaikum wbt and good day all! Today i will be sharing with you my thoughts on Pigeon PPSU Wide Neck bottle, Marissa's fave bottle now. Most of the bottle that we owned are actually wide neck. Pigeon also has other ranges of bottle from glass to PPSU to PP. I personally choose PPSU which stands for Polyphenylsulfone, which is a high performance polymer that has a high heat resistance and excellent durability. I can rest assured you that my husband dropped the bottle once on a tar road and there's no crack at all! Amazing!

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I have a lot of these bottle back at home since Marissa loves it so much. Please be reminded that this is not a sponsored post ya. I really do love this bottle so much i would not mind sharing this information with my peeps who are currently trying to find a suitable bottle for their baby, for fed. #fedisbest

Mind you i have tried other bottles such as Dr Brown's, Tommee Tippie, Avent but we always come back to this one and also Como Tomo. But always, Pigeon would be the bottle that we often use. 

What makes this bottle so special to us? Well, first of all i really like the almost clear bottle. The bottle has a yellowish tint (matches with its bottle cap color) and an easy to see water measurement at the back of the bottle. I love the size of the circumference, easy for Marissa to hold as it is not too wide and not too narrow either. 

The reason why we choose wide neck for all of her bottles are, since she's formula fed now, it is easy to prepare her milk rather than having a narrow neck and also since we are always on the go, i always have to prepare her milk in a moving car. Hence, having a wide neck bottle really helps a lot. I mean, even during her EBM days, pouring the EBM milk would be really easy with a wide neck bottle. 

So, why this bottle is super expensive? As per the description inside their website

  • Allows baby to use natural feeding motion learned at the breast
  • SofTouch™ Peristaltic PLUS Nipple is 100% silicone, super soft and flexible to allow for natural and smooth tongue movement
  • Air Ventilation System (AVS™) reduces intake of gas, a potential cause of colic
  • Bottle shape is easy to hold
  • Specially designed roll-free bottle hoods
  • Bottle is made from Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) material with high heat resistance and excellent durability
  • BPA Free

The peristaltic PLUS Nipple and AVS reduces the potential cause of colic which is a good sign to me. the nipple. Plus, the nipple could mimic the latching process of a baby from nipple to bottle, to reduce the nipple confuse in a baby.

*picture taken from Pigeon Global Website*

Hence, if you are a working mother and will be starting working soon from maternity leave, i would suggest you could try to feed your baby using this bottle. Try to purchase the smaller 160mL size. It has another bigger size of 240 mL. 

Try them out and see! 

Till then,

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