Monday, September 24, 2018

LipAddict Tea Party [event update & review]

Asslamualaikum and hello everybody! It has been a while since my last Butterfly Projects Malaysia event and in late August, i was being accepted to attend the LipAddict Tea Party event. The party was held at Happ Cafe in Mutiara Tropicana. I have never been to the cafe before but when i was there i was stunned! It was super pretty with pink decorations and cute butterflies mingling around. 

*Picture credited to Lia Hasty*

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Baby M : Umee Bottle Review!

Assalamualaikum wbt and Good day to all of my readers out there! Being a mother for nearly 8 months now, finding the right and perfect bottle could be a hassle. Sometimes, what i like does not mean that my baby will like it too. So it has always been a testing field between myself and my baby. When it comes to bottle, she has been incredible and not really very picky. Only certain bottle in which she is not in favor of. And if you are a working mother and now it is your time to train your baby for bottle fed, i would suggest you to think about this one brand named, Umee.

I received these Gift Set which you can use from 0+ months up until stage 3 which could be around 6-12 months old baby. So this one whole set can lasts you for about 1 year.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Kenapa Mary Kay ni banyak sangat skin care range?

Ramai orang compare Mary Kay dengan skin care lain yang more affordable dan senang nak dapat. Ramai orang jugak tertanya-tanya kenapa Mary Kay ni banyak sangat skin care range dia? Susah betul nak pilih kalau banyak sangat pilihan. Orang kata lagi banyak pilihan lagi susah orang nak beli. Anfaal kata, kalau anda nak cantik & kulit sihat, Anfaal sedia membantu walau apa pun bajet anda tentang skin care ni.

Siapa tahu pemakaian skin care yang betul? Maksudnya, susunan pemakaian yang betul? Cleanser ➡️ Mask ➡️ Toner/Freshen ➡️ Serum ➡️ Moisturizer ➡️ Day Cream/Sunscreen

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Anfaal, Mary Kay & Lipstick.

Anfaal dan lipstick memang susah nak dipisahkan. Tipu lah kalau Anfaal cakap sebelum Anfaal kenal Mary Kay, Anfaal tak pakai makeup langsung. Sebelum ni Anfaal actually a blogger. Well i am still a blogger tapi dah kurang blogging nowadays. Sebelum Anfaal kenal Mary Kay, Anfaal memang suka eksperimen barang makeup & skin care. Masa tu, dapat je skin care untuk review mesti pakai sebulan and review dalam blog. Lepas tu, dapat lagi skin care lain. So macan setiap bulan akan ada pertukaran skin care. Yes. This is so not healthy at all.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

[BOTD] Panda eyes! Mary Kay Indulge Soothing Eye Gel

Assalamualaikum semua. Nak tanya sikit, siapa sini ada mata panda atau ada eye bag yang sangat obvious sampai sebatu pun dah boleh nampak? Yes! Sama macam Anfaal! Sejak jadi mak ni, memang mata panda sentiasa. Dulu mata panda sebab selalu tidur lambat, now mata panda sebab kena tengokkan anak. My baby dah start tidur lasak so kena tengok jugak takut dia jatuh tilam. Hehe.

So apa solutions dia actually? Ramai yang suka letak timun kat mata, pakai salah product and nampak lagi sembab or maybe pakai eye mask. Macam Anfaal, since dah terjebak dengan Mary Kay ni Anfaal buat eye mask sendiri jer. Hehe. Nak tau Anfaal buat pakai product apa? 

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