Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Baby M : Umee Bottle Review!

Assalamualaikum wbt and Good day to all of my readers out there! Being a mother for nearly 8 months now, finding the right and perfect bottle could be a hassle. Sometimes, what i like does not mean that my baby will like it too. So it has always been a testing field between myself and my baby. When it comes to bottle, she has been incredible and not really very picky. Only certain bottle in which she is not in favor of. And if you are a working mother and now it is your time to train your baby for bottle fed, i would suggest you to think about this one brand named, Umee.

I received these Gift Set which you can use from 0+ months up until stage 3 which could be around 6-12 months old baby. So this one whole set can lasts you for about 1 year.

Umee Bottle is not as famous as Pigeon or Tommee Tippee or Avent but it will be now. If you are not familiar with Umee bottle, i would suggest for you to read my honest review about this bottle up until the end and then you decide should you consider this bottle as part of your baby’s feeding time, or not.

This gift set includes:
2 x 260ml bottle with Stage 2 Nipple
2 x 160ml bottle with Stage 1 Nipple
1 x Stage 3 Teat
1 x Stage X Cut Teat
1 x Insulated Cover 160ml
1 x Insulated Cover 260ml
1 x Capsule Formula Dispenser

I really like the color of this Capsule Milk Dispenser. This formula milk dispenser is simple and easy to use. To me the most crucial part would be easy to clean so mommy approves this formula milk dispenser!

Umee bottle is made from PPSU. With its ergonomically shaped, my baby can hold this bottle herself (not including the insulated cover as  the bottle becomes quite heavy with the insulated on). With PPSU, Umee bottle is actually strong, safe, heat resistant and highly durable.

When it comes to a baby bottle, every brands provides similar functions and claim that they were the best. The most function i believe every bottle providers do have is anti-colic. I have tested few bottles so far with anti-colic functions but Umee bottle has the most unique anti-colic air vent which is not at the teat of the bottle but it is actually part of the bottle itself!


Can you see the grey ring that i am holding in the picture above? That is the one piece Unique Air Vent system in Umee bottle. It comes in all Umee bottle and you can actually purchase this part in case it has been worn off. I will list down the link at the end of this blog. :)

This unique air vent design allows the air entering into the bottle and reducing colic symptoms. It is also to stop leaks and helps baby to have the ultimate control on the flow of the liquid.


One of the most important part in a bottle is also the teat. Umee teat is designed for a soft touch and easy flow. It can be comparable to a mother’s nipple. I really am not surprised that this teat looks similar to a Pigeon’s teat hence my daughter does not mind at all whenever we change to this teat or Pigeon’s. My baby is using the Stage 2 teat right now. She dislike the Stage 1 teat as it is a very slow flow. I have yet to test out the Stage X teat. I was told that this teat does not let the milk flow and it will flow once the teat is sucked. Currently, teat Stage 1 & Stage 2 is automatic flow, up until a certain time then it will stop. Please see demo video below;

The third thing i love about Umee bottle apart from the unique air vent and the teat is their wide neck bottle design. I have always been in LOVE with wide neck bottle cause it is easier to pour breastmilk / make formula milk with it. You have ample space to pour the milk inside the bottle. It is also much easier to clean the inner part of the bottle with a wide neck bottle. The best part is that, this bottle is made from PPSU and it does not contain Bisphenol A. Bisphenol A is a compound in which it can imitates human hormones and it can interfere with the production of hormones which is not good.


The next special thing with Umee bottle is the temperature control insulator. It is actually a transparent (has a bit cloudy effect) insulator in which you can easily see the milk inside the bottle itself. To hook this with the bottle, you would need to align the ‘teeth’ of the insulator and the bottle (in orange circle in picture above) if not it is quite hard to take it off and to screw the bottom part of the insulator. This insulator could actually prolonged the duration of heat retention and let the milk to still be warm until the baby finishes drinking the milk.

Let me share with you my experience using this bottle towards my baby.

  1. I noticed that my baby finishes her milk a bit more faster using this bottle.
  2. My baby could not hold the bottle on her own whenever the insulator is on as the bottle turns out to be quite heavy.
  3. Easy to clean but you have an extra item to be cleaned which is the unique air vent ring.

Do you know that Umee bottle in the USA is named Joovy Boob? You may search for more reviews by Googling Joovy Bottle. There are tons of reviews online by mothers who have used Joovy Boob bottles. You may see the sample of the bottle in picture below.


Overall i am satisfied with this bottle and my baby loves it too. I love the insulator and also the unique air vent ring and its functions.

You may purchase Umee bottles and its parts online :

Till then,


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