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LipAddict Tea Party [event update & review]

Asslamualaikum and hello everybody! It has been a while since my last Butterfly Projects Malaysia event and in late August, i was being accepted to attend the LipAddict Tea Party event. The party was held at Happ Cafe in Mutiara Tropicana. I have never been to the cafe before but when i was there i was stunned! It was super pretty with pink decorations and cute butterflies mingling around. 

*Picture credited to Lia Hasty*

Since i have been a bit laid back for this past one year in blogging, i was a bit shy-shy cat to meet with other emerging bloggers. But after a while, i made friends with few new bloggers that i met and of of them is Lia Hasty.

With the cafe being decorated super nice in pink plus the food and desserts which is super pretty to be eaten, plus few balloons (in which i am not a big fan of actually. Traumatize experience. Hehe) i am at my comfort zone already. Choose my seat and saw a HUGE big Pink paper bag with the word SO ADDICTED and a pink box on top of the table. 

The dessert looks super scrumptious and there's one desert that i have been eyeing since i walked in into the door, which is the fruit tarts. I LOVE Tarts especially fruit tarts. Yummy!

The event was short and sweet, with good information and knowledge sharing session on the product as well. With Leonard as the MC, it could not go wrong! Hehe. The event started with an explaination by Mrs. Jenny. She explained about Lip Addict and what is the benefits of wearing one. 

So what is actually this special 'lip gloss'?

Lip Addict is not merely a lip gloss. It is actually known as a non injectable lip treatment lip product.  It also has a lip treatment gloss (Jewel) in which you can use it around night time as you go to sleep. It has anti-aging benefits that could actually reduces the appearance of fine lines. It has 4 benefits which is:


During the event, we did viewed a makeup demo done by Ms. Fabie, who has experiences in MUA in total about 8 years! WOW! She did makeup on several familiar faces of Malaysian celebrities. Awesome! She did Morning and Night makeup plus, the usage of the Lip Treatment lip gloss in the shade Jewel. Fabie mentioned that we can actually mix the colors up to get more exciting and new colors! This lip plumper can also be use on top of our favorite lipsticks.

The Voluptuous Lip Gloss has 12 different colors and all of the colors are just super yummy! It looks like jelly and it feels like jelly on the lips!

You can smell the bubblegum / toothpaste / minty scent once you open up the Lip Addict lip gloss. Once applied, your lips instantly feels a bit plumper and it feels like you are putting on some toothpaste or mint on your lips! It does not sting the lips like other plumper lip products. I love it! Just look at the pictures below and have your say. :)

Lets look at the ingredients of the lip plumper shall we? It was said that the ingredients contains NO Parabens and toxic which is good for us in a long run. The ingredients includes;

Hyaluronic Acid
Marine Collagen
Organic Aloe Vera
Organic Castor Oil
Organic Avocado Oil
Organic Apricot Kernal Oil
Organic Jojoba Seed Oil
Organic Grapeseed Oil 

And many more benefited ingredients! Hence, this lip gloss is super packed with benefits rather than disgusting toxic. :)

*Picture credited to Eros*

*Picture credited to Lia Hasty*

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lip Addict and also The Butterfly Projects Malaysia for this opportunity. It is something that i would not want to miss actually. Apart from being able to be a blogger mom i also got to meet my lovely blogger friends as well and towards the end, i actually bring my daughter along just to train her to become a blogger. Hahaha

If you are looking to get you hands on these lovely lip plumper, you may visit their Facebook Page

or Instagram

or you may get them here

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  1. Wah bestnyaaa 😭 hehe tringin gak nak join event butterfly project, suma best²

    1. Hehe nanti ada buka for new event boleh drop nama hehe..insyaAllah nanti akan terpilih..hehe


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