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Ibis Hotel, Melacca - My own experience

Assalamualaikum wbt and good day all! Just want to share with my readers on my current experience at Ibis Hotel, Melaka last weekend. How was it? Well, you have to read it until the end of this blog entry to find out. Hehe. Just to be sure, this is NOT a sponsored trip ya. I paid for all the services and also the room price as well. But if they wanted to sponsor my next visit to their hotel, why not? Hehehe.

Ibis Hotel, Melaka located right at the Little India in Jalan Bendahara. It takes about 10 minutes walk to Jonker Street if you love going there at night. But for us, since we have this little monster with us we decided to take a car and park. Well, it takes about 10 mins from the hotel to find a parking spot and walk to the starting of the Jonker Street. It was my first time going to Jonker Street at night time. They sell loads of things from handbags, to baby bibs, to toys, towels and many more! Thank God that it is a non smoking street but i still can see few people smoking cigarettes.

The hotel has an ample size of parking, with a under construction of swimming pool at the back of the hotel. Once entered, you will be greeted by a lovely front desk during check ins. To my suprise, there is no deposit taken although i was mentioned that i would need to pay RM100 for deposit during my communication with the admins via Facebook Messenger. 

I picked out the Standard Room and stayed there for 3 days. Actually, i booked the room via their promotion as below :

So, my total stay would be just around RM240++ for 3D2N as there is a different rate for weekend stay. Overall, i would say that this hotel is comfortable for its rate. It was being launched in 2017 but yet it is not as popular as The Pines, Hatten and others.

Our check in is smooth and simple and the receptionist guy is also friendly and helpful. I think it maybe because there's no one checking in at that point of time. My main concern is that, there is no bell-boy per say. The security is actually the one who helped us to moved all our baggage from the car to the trolley and also he was the one who helped to bring the trolley to our room in level 5.

The room is as per the other hotel rooms, once enter you can see the toilet door on the left and a queen bed straight to you. The room is simple and pretty compact but i like it cause i do not have to walk all the way down to the toilet and all the way down to the open closet.

As you can see, we also ordered a baby cot for that little monster so that it makes it easier for us to do our thing such as kemas katil, sterilize bottles, going to to toilet, eating, watching TV etc etc etc. So,it makes it easier for us to put her inside the cot. The bed is too soft for us, it is like super comfortable but since it is too soft, i got backache when i woke up every morning. Plus, the size of the bed is not that big. It is just enough for me and my husband to sleep.


The other amenities available inside this cute hotel room are almost as per other hotel, Ibis Melaka has a set of coffee, tea, mugs, stirrer, kettle, sugar, mini bar (no freezer), iron, ironing board (yass! you don't have to request for an ironing board and iron here),telephone, hair dryer, table and chair.

Inside the toilet, i really like this fancy touch on/off button of the lamp! Super canggih! Even my little monster likes to play with it as well. Haha. There's two types of shower, one is the handheld ones and the other is this HUGE shower on top of the head. One soap/shampoo container at the side of the shower and a soap rack. I love showers with soap rack as i always bring my own soap and shampoo with me.

The thing that i like the most is that they have AMPLE plug sockets! Like yes! Each side of the bed has one, one below the curtain, one at the entrance door, one at the mini bar. They have plenty! If you are worries about television channels, this hotel has plenty to serve.

They do have screen mirroring as well available for android and windows 10. Wifi is also free of charge and it is usable and connectable.

I forgot to take photos of their breakfast buffet but they offer a lot of exciting foods! Our first morning breakfast they offered chicken rice! OMG! haha. They had dim sum and chee cheong fun, porridge, english breakfast, cereals, egg cook on the go, juices, fruits,coffee and breads plus pastries as well. So, a full lot range of breakfast feast. The breakfast time would be from 6am - 10am.

I love staying in a hotel. Most of my childhood would be staying in the hotel, following my dad for his outstation work. I always look forward to stay in a hotel because i know that means vacation and i can just swim and have fun! Just that the swimming pool in Ibis Melaka is still under construction so hope to hop into it during our next visit then!

So far, i am loving the experience i had with Ibis Hotel Melaka. The staffs are super friendly and helpful. Even the guards are there to help you as well. It is super near to Little India (just few steps away) and also the very famous Jonker Street.

So, now i know where i could stay whenever i am in Melaka. Thank you Ibis Melaka for the habitability. Since i usually book my hotel room online and i could rate the hotel there, with Ibis i had to write a whole lot of a blog post to review. Just to recap, i was not being sponsored for the stay. :)

Bye bye Melaka. See you soon! To book a room in Ibis Melaka, please visit their hotel website or connect them via Facebook Page.

Till then,

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