Monday, October 8, 2018


 Assalamualaikum wbt and good day semua! Anfaal masih lagi in shocked about last Friday punya award event from Baby Product Association of Malaysia (BPAM). Super shocked to know that i am in the top 20 of ibuencer award and did not even think about receiving the award or getting in the top 10! Thank you so much for this opportunity. I shall write my thank you note at the bottom of this blog post ya.

The event happened at The Starling Mall, Hall 5 with many brands participated such as Koopers, Avent, B&B, Mamours, Baby Organix, Coby Haus, Nuby, Playgro, Japlo, Neo Geo, Akarana, Ezbaby, Luvable Friends, Babylove, Basilic, Kath & Belle and more!

I met my blogger friends there as well such as Ayue and Mira  and their lovely babies and i am glad that they are also part of the award receiver as well or else i would cry! I do not think that i actually deserve this award but anyway, thank you so much for this opportunity.

We did had a lot of fun that day, looking around the booth and testing new items especially this new Koopers Automi stroller which can be folded by itself with just one push! Amazing right? :)

Marissa is testing out the new Mini by Easywalker stroller and she looks super comfortable in it! Well, mama is not going to get you another RM1k stroller ya Marissa. It is now the time to save up for your car seat soon. :D

Next, she's testing out this really comfortable car seat by NADO 03. It looks super comfortable and easy to place as it has isofix base since my car has an isofix so i am considering to get an isofix car seat instead. Now, Marissa is still using her Doona Stroller as her car seat. When she's in this proper car seat, i can see that she is even more comfortable. So, considering on getting this car seat soon. Kumpul duit dulu sebab harga dia RM1199 tau! hehe.

Lepas dah naik stroller and car seat, Marissa naik scooter pula! Hehe. This is the Scoot and Ride scooter. Suitable for 1 year old baby tapi Marissa jadi model sekejap la yer. Happy nya tak terkata! Hehe. At first she's quite afraid to sit on the scooter but then dia pula yang tak nak turun. Hehe. Just look at that cheeky face. Hehe.

The award event started at about 2.30pm. It was officiated by YB Hannah Yeoh in the morning. After lunch, it started with an Ibuencer Speech by KC Chan and then the judging feedback by Chui Ling. The way they judged the top 20 was based on the content and also the quality of the photos taken. During the Announcement of the top 20 Ibuencers & Videos shown on screen, i was literally gobsmacked to see my name and my family's photo on screen. HAHA. I was like, what? Is this true? Really? I am in the top 20 Ibuencer awards? Hehe

*Panel of judges*

Ni lah nama diri sendiri yang terpampang keluar kat screen. Terkejut beruk tengok Haha. But still i am super thankful to be part of this. This would be the best so far in my more than 10 years of blogging journey. Receiving an award plus, some other presents with 2 trolleys full! 

Want to look at what did we received in these two trolleys? 

I would personally like to thank

AB  New Zealand
Lucky Baby
Us Baby

And many more!

Do check out my instagram stories highlights on Ibuencer Awards!

Marissa would like to say THANK YOU to all who voted/nominated/choose A Life As A Webbis as one of the top 10 Ibuencer award!

Thank you again! :)

Till then,

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