Monday, November 26, 2018

Baby M : Baby Koala Baby Bottle Label Review

Assalamualaikum and good day all! I just want to ask, have you ever thought of a creation that could eliminate the usage of sticker onto your baby's bottle just to write their names on? Especially if you are sending your baby to a nursery or baby sitter's home, you need to label all of the bottles so that it would not mixed up with others. As you know, the bottles available in the market are quite limited and most mommies did have the same bottle brands as well. This bottle label is also very convenient for breastfeeding mommies to label the BF bottles. 

I thank the Baby Koala team for letting me to take this bottle label for a test for nearly 1 month. Since i am actually sending my baby to a nursery, this bottle label is super important. Since i only have one (will purchase the rest of the bottle label soon!) label, i can only label one bottle as of now. I usually bring 2 bottles to the nursery. 

What i like about this bottle label is that, you can label almost anything! It's using a stretchable material hence, you can label from bottles to lunch packs! You can even label your drinking glass if you want haha. 

This invention is super ingenious! That i can label Marissa's food jar with just this. I can write anything that i want to, not just limited to Name, Date and Contents. It says that we can actually write using any kinds of pens/markers. I used a permanent sharpie and there's a bit of a mark there. The Baby Koala team did advice me to use Nail Polish Remover to remove the leftover marks there. 

After trying out the tips, turns out to look like new back again! Maybe i left the marker writings too long, there's a stain there. 

The bottle label is made from high quality food grade silicon that is free from BPA, BPS and PVC and phthalate too! Dishwasher safe, sterilizer and microwave safe. So, you do not even have to take out the label (especially to those who are labeling their baby food jar) to reheat the food. It saves time and money as well. 

If you are interested to purchase the bottle label, please visit below stores

RM 49.90 you'll get 4 pieces of different colors of bottle label with a marker pen. 

Now all BF mommies and FM mommies can label their babies bottle easily and freely. This reusable bottle label can be use over and over and over again. You just need to buy more and more of it now. Haha! 

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