Monday, December 24, 2018

Ayamas Kitchen Dim Sum Launching Event @ RUANG SS18

Assalamualaikum and happy day to all! It is nearly the end of 2018 OMG! Time flies extra fast this year. Like really super fast. This time around, i wanted to close this year with a blog post of FOOD. Yeap! Everybody likes to eat, right? What if i told you that now you can get a delicious Dim Sum at home,with Ayamas Kitchen Dim Sum packs! Yes! Ayamas is now coming out with their own Dim Sum range and i have made a taste test and it is delish!

The event took place at RUANG SS18. This was my second time here, first time was few years back attending Althea's event. I miss attending beauty events but i understand that i am not really that active anymore in beauty and makeup nowadays. Haha. Will try to keep up next year and boost my makeup and beauty posts back again. If you did followed me a while back, you must have known that i actually did post everyday before this. Yes. everyday! haha. And every weekend, there'll be new Youtube videos up in my channel. Totally missing doing all that. 

*Spot Me! haha*

Anyway, coming back to the launching of Ayamas Dim Sum, it was properly officiated by Mr. Adi Wira Abd Razak, CEO QSR BrandsUpstream Division. A very cheerful CEO i can say that for sure. 


The Dim Sum comes in with 10 different flavors and packets. All comes with a colorful packaging and you may start to purchase 5 different flavors available only at Giant Supermarket. The five flavors are Ayamas Kitchen Prawn Har Gow, Ayamas Kitchen Chicken & Prawn Shaomai, Ayamas Kitchen Shrimp Dumpling, Ayamas Kitchen Chicken Glutinous Rice with Lotus Leaf and Ayamas Kitchen Combo Pack Dim Sum

There are also other additional flavors such as Barbeque Chicken Bun, Curry Chicken Shaomai, Prawn Shaomai, Radish Cake with Dried Shrimp, and Chicken & Fish Beancurd Roll.

Since the launch started during lunch time, we did not had any meal during breakfast knowing that we would be eating Dim Sum that day and yes we did the right thing! Haha. Husband scouted for dimsums while i take all of the buffet foods. 

What is so special about Ayamas Kitchen's Dim Sum? Well, they actually have a HALAL certified by Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS) which is also a JAKIM approved certification body. The means that you can also eat these Dim Sum in Singapore as well! Yay!





I tasted mostly the non shrimp ones and loved it! Too bad, being a person who could not eat seafood, i just with that Dim Sums would have more chicken instead of shrimps. Haha. But i love love love the BBQ buns and also the Chicken & Fish Beancurd Roll. 

These Dim Sum would be perfect to eat together with LIFE Hoisin Sauce and Ayamas Fresh Chilli Sauce. Yum!


Thank you Ayamas Kitchen for this opportunity. Of course i will purchase these delicious dim sums for me to eat at home. This could be in my eat healthy diet plan next year. Haha. 

Till then,

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