Monday, February 11, 2019

Blooming With Illy 2.0 {Outdoor Photography} - Event

Asslamualaikum and happy day all! I have been trying to blog about this event for so long. Actually, it happened not so long ago but i just cant wait to share it with friends. 

If you happened to know Illy, she's a bubbly and very friendly person. I met her many years ago through blogging functions and events as well and we clicked. Although i am not as bubbly as her, i can still be friendly, okay. Haha. One thing i am excited is also to bring Marissa to a park, in which she have not been to actually.

The event was held at the Bamboo Playhouse at Taman Tasik Perdana. It has been AGES since my last visit to this Taman Tasik. Well, we are not a park person. Masa dating dulu-dulu banyak pergi tengok kapal terbang lagi dari pergi taman tasik. Haha. Or pergi Wetlands kat Sepang je.

Marissa was super excited to be at this park. It's like FREEDOM to her. She's able to walk now so it like, go and see the world time.

The decoration surrounded the Bamboo Playhouse is just nice. I have not been picnic for a while, so when i saw this setup i was like...OMG! Balloons everywhere and yes, i am afraid of balloons but given that i have a daughter that is not afraid of anything that does not produce loud noise, i just be brave and let her play with the balloons instead.

But unfortunately, the weather envy us and it started to rain. So, we all moved and sat inside the Bamboo Playhouse instead. It was a bit hot but we all survived. There's talking session by Johan, Illy;s husband on some books that he read, and then some photo taking sharing session also some tips on how to take ah-may-zingg photos with some gadgets mentioned.

I met kak Ruby (famously for for the first time and i feel starstruck! I mean, i have been reading her blog, for ever and then suddenly she's like in front of me, sharing on her tips to get more pretty and bright photos.

After the sharing session and also speech session, we had our own time, taking pictures on every angle of the Bamboo Playhouse. I am glad to have met with the fellow beauty blogger turns mummy blogger like Sabby, Mira and Ayue. We all used to be beauty bloggers before expanding our scope into mummy blogger, now. :)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Illy and her team, for handling such a fabulous event. Despite the rain, we all did have fun together. Hope that we could join the version 3.0 too! :)

Just look at the door gift, it was carefully crafted from the heart. Marissa is totally in love with that bubble thingy and could not let me have it just to photograph the basket. Look at the content of the door gift, Nature;s Heart nuts and YoGood Muesli. Yummy. This means that i have to take care of what i eat now moving forward.

Taking care of my body and weight is something that i never ever thought of doing but maybe for a start, we could try to change my habits from eating junkies to these lovely nuts.

Thank you Nature's Heart for these. Now i can munch without feeling guilty,

Overall, it was a very nice catch up events and i wish that i could join more of it in the future! Look for Illy's instagram post for future Blooming With Illy 3.0 soon!

Till then,

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