Friday, February 15, 2019

[BOTD] Breena Beauty Purrfect Line Precision Eyeliner Review {GIVEAWAY}

Asslamualaikum and happy friday ya all! I wanted to sparks joy to all of my readers out here with a giveaway at the end of this blog post, so please read it until the end ya. 

I have been a fan of Breena Beauty not just because it was my blogger's friend brand, but because i believe in the quality of this brand itself. I have been supporting this brand since day 1 and now i am looking forward to buy more of their stuffs soon.

Let's take some time and read my honest review on their new product, the Purrfect Line eyeliner but before that, let's go into the facts on this eyeliner.

NOT formulated with Paraben and Alcohol
Water-Based eyeliner
Highly pigmented (Like really BLACK)
Felt tip pen brush

With all of the details above, the one that i really like the most is that the formulation is not including paraben and alcohol. The fact that this eyeliner is made using water-based, but it is still long lasting and did not smudge at all is the BOMB!

I used to be a fan of Maybelline Hyper Sharp liner as the tip is a precision brush like tip. As for Breena's Purrfect Line, the tip is a felt like tip. With an eczema prone eye like me, having these kind of tips would make it a bit hard to apply. Since my eyelid has wrinkles all over. It is said that the tip was designed like that because of its water-based ink, which does make sense. But i just hope that Breena could have another eyeliner with a brush tip instead.

As you may see from my not so clear photo above, i can create a really thin like line just on top of my lash line using the felt tip like brush. Super easy to control and the pigmentation of the ink is indeed black. 

I have been using this eyeliner constantly for the past 2 months, and i really like the feeling of it and also the lasting of the eyeliner. Usually, when i am not able to perform my prayers, the makeup will lasts until evening and the last one to stay would be this eyeliner. 

The only concern that i have is that, the ink does goes into your fine lines, sometimes creating a smudgy looks especially when i have my eczema flaring onto my eyelids. I suspect it is because of its water-based ingredients. :) 

But with that I can still say that i really like the precision it could make. You can easily made a thin line or a bold line using its felt-tip brush. The eyeliner is indeed waterproof but if you clean it off with water, it will definitely goes away easily. Magic isn't it? 

Since i am supporting my friend's brand and i really do love this eyeliner, i wanted to do a GIVEAWAY to my lucky blog reader! 

All you have to do is;

Follow ArissaD on Facebook. Commented below on your favorite eyeliner style (based on photo below) and why do you like that style

You may enter as much as you want to, share this blogpost with friends so that they could have a chance to win as well. :)

Thank you!

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