Wednesday, February 20, 2019

My Top 5 MUST BUY cosmetics from Althea

Asslamualaikum wbt and happy day to all my readers! I feel like sharing some of my best list today. My must buy makeup items from Althea Korea website. I have tested most of Althea's items when i was quite active in blogging few years back and i kid you not, Korean makeup items can have the best packaging but quality items. I used to love Etude House BB Cushion. Not only the packaging is super CUTE but the product quality is also one of the best. 

If you have not been to Althea's website, you are really missing out something here. Each month, Althea will have new products to unveil and it could be skin care, makeup or hair and body items. 

This is the current front page of Althea's website. Now, they have limited edition stickers available with every purchase of Althea exclusives. Cute kan? 

Let's go to the list, shall we? With no in particular order (because i LOVE all of them)

Ohh my babies! Hehe. I love them all. :)

Lets get started!
LIZLY What a Chic Palette and What a Romance Palette

I love them both. If i am not mistaken, Althea carries three types of these eye shadow and i did not manage to get the other one, sadly. It has been discontinued in Althea's website but if you want to get something similar, you could get the Chica-Y-Chico palette.
SEBUM OUT Finish Pact

Yass this one is my HOLY GRAIL to mattified my sebum especially around my nose area. Super duper instantly can see the results. I will definitely do a dedicated post on this item soon. I am totally in love with this and would like to share it with my friends who has some sebum / oily face problems. 

MISSHA Under Eye Brightener

If you do have puffy eyes or panda eyes from the party that you attended the night before, and you NEED to hide those because you were having a very important meeting today morning, this would be your lifesaver. Yes. Missha Under Eye Brightener is the BOMB. It can instantly hide your puffy and black undereye. I did posted a review on this under eye brightener; you can read it here -

Unfortunately, this item is no longer can be purchased via Althea's website but fret not, I can actually suggest you to something similar; The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer Brightener. It works as wonderfully as the Missha's Under Eye Brightener.

Coringco Single Eye Shadow

I never doubted a cheap eye shadow now. Can you guess how much is this eye shadow costs? RM 10 each! OMG. How cheap can you get a beautifully made eye shadow like this? I did my honest review on the eye shadow here - Unfortunately, i have not blogged on one the current color that i have here, Paprika.You can even look at the pigmentation of these shadows, it blows my mind away with that kind of price tag. If you are a fan of eye shadows like me, you HAVE to get these. If can, ALL of the colors. :)

Althea Petal Velvet Powder 

I am so sorry Make Up Forever, this is my new favorite face powder now. I have used this up until only like one puff left so i tend to just keep it for a while. It is affordable, only costs RM16 per tub which can lasts about 2-3 months for moderate user. It is super soft, super duper fine powder and the scent is very mild! I did posted a blog on this powder - so you can check out how small it is. The best part is that, it is non-comedogenic so it won't be clogging our pores. :)

There you go! My top 5 MUST buy at Althea's website with sadly, two of the items are no longer available but there's a replacement to it. :)

I do hope that you could try all of the mentioned products. 

Till then,

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