Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Floral, Fun Bruch with Tanamera - Blooming With Illy

Hello dear friends! Assalamualaikum semua. Today i feel like sharing to the world on the items that i received from attending the Floral, Fun Brunch few weeks ago. It was intended to be a small gathering between bloggers, hosted by Blooming With Illy and Tanamera. To be honest, i have seen Tanamera's product at HappiKiddo, but i am not sure why i did not the the product myself. 

Until recently, i found out that the product is AWESOME! Not that i have doubts before this but i dare not to look as i thought that the price is not affordable. Usually when it comes to an organic and health products, the price can be quite a hike.

When i saw the invitation from Illy, i was surprised as i have not been actively blogging for so long, and suddenly when receive invitation as such, it really does makes my day. I wanted to stay connected with friends back again plus, making new friends as well.

The event was held at Two Sons Bistro in The Starling Mall, PJ. I really love this mall because of its premier parking. Haha. And also the grocery.

First of all i must say that the decoration is really pretty! Flowers and what not. Sooo nice!

The food at Two Sons is also not bad at all! I really love their Pizza. We ordered something else as we thought that it is not a sponsored event. But thank you Tanamera for sponsoring our foods. Even my husband is also 'tumpang kaki'. Hehe. Alhamdulillah.

Not to forget, my little bloggerina here is enjoying the goodies bag as well. I absolutely shocked to see that the goodies are full size (no sample size at all ya!) and mostly can be use there and then! So generous of Tanamera for giving us such a nice goodies. I love them and has been using them regularly now.

Thank you Illy and Elaine for the time and opportunity to know Tanamera a little bit better. Of course there'll be product review post soon on the goodies and also items that i bought. Stay tune ya.

Most of the pictures are credited to Illy Ariffin <3 nbsp="" p="">
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