Tuesday, April 23, 2019

BabyM - Strollers, Strollers, Strollers

Asslamualaikum semua. As you all might know, i am a HUGE fan of baby strollers. I would say, keep em coming although i know my daughter will not be sitting on a stroller forever. Even now, she would really like to walk instead of being in a stroller as people said 'Dah dapat kaki'. But still, i would be needing stroller as she is close to 11kg now and i cannot 'dukung' her for more than 15 mins now. Will be out of breath soon. Haha.

I did reviewed some of the stroller that we have. You can read those review by clicking on the links below

Doona Stroller - The evolution of Stroller / Car Seat

Beblum Navi Stroller - Our first compact stroller

Beblum Micro Stroller - The Cabin size stroller

Each of these strollers has its own pros and cons. Read it yourself to find out more.

So, during our visit to the recent TCE Baby expo, we bought another Stroller. In total we have, 5 strollers now! Hehe. One is super HUGE and the rest is quite compact and small.

This was Marissa's first stroller. Mimosa First Class Travel Stroller. Bought at Mothercare for RM1XXX. It has a huge frame, recline-able seat and a car seat. In this picture, the car seat was being used also as a stroller. It has the adapter in which you can change it to the recline-able seat. We only use this stroller 4-5 times cause it is super huge. Bila masuk lift, memang penuh stroller ni saja. Haha

But i kinda like this stroller cause it is sturdy. And the shopping basket is XL size. :D Super large i mean. We use the car seat a bit longer than the stroller itself.

Now, Marissa needed a recline-able stroller as she likes to sleep at the mall. So, our latest stroller is from Mimosa as well. Introducing, Mimosa Cabin City+ Stroller. This stroller is much more smaller than Beblum Navi and the foot rest is just barely there.

So when she sleeps, her feet would still be dangling below but at least the body is recline-able so i don't have to worry about that. The seating place is also a bit smaller hence the sleeping position is also a bit restricted.

Anyways, i will do a dedicated post on this stroller soon. Would need just a little bit more time for us to use up to its max. We will be bringing this stroller to Langkawi next week so maybe i could also review on the compatibility of the stroller. It is really cabin friendly? Is it easy to use? All sorts of questions. If you do have any inquiries on the stroller, wanted me to test it out, let me know in the comment section down below, ya.

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