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Under The Sea - Blooming With Illy 3.0

Assalamualaikum and happy day everibodi! Since Ramadhan is nearing, i would like to complete my task in blogging the third version of Blooming With Illy in which i attended with my husband and daughter two weeks back (or maybe 3 weeks back! ops!) As you all may read my previous blog on Blooming With Illy (BWI), this 'gathering' or meet-ups was conducted personally and in a much smaller scale so that we all could meet up and take photos and mingle (in which i am not able to do that in this round of BWI cause my daughter is making such noise) 

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I do hope that Illy tak menyesal lah jemput we all datang, especially myself and my family (hubs & Marissa). Hope that Marissa has been behaving well albeit all the madness, crying, shouting and busy saying 'Hi' to every kid she could lay her eyes on. Yes. She is being friendly and by bringing her to these kind of event hopefully could polished her social skills. She can be quite friendly at times and grumpy at times as well. Kena tengok timing and mood. Hehe

The event has already started when we arrived although it takes about 30 minutes for us to arrived at the hotel (Hilton Garden Inn Puchong) from home. Maybe we were at TCE Baby Expo earlier that morning, we were a bit tired hence i did not even mingle around that much that day. 

Not so much looking to freebies but these are what each of us received (myself only one of us cause husband tak pakai makeup ya. hehe) 

Mini Wellness Kit from Tanamera (My favorite brand now!)
Palmers Coconut Oil Formula Set (Will review this soon!)
Catrice Makeup Set (A dedicated post on this reaaally soon, before Raya)
Breena Beauty Blending Pearl (Got to meet with this gorgeous Sabrina after a while!)
Kocostar Face Mask Sheet(Some CUTE face mask sheet)

I never thought that we all will be given all these items. My favorite pick? Stay tune, i will share it at the end of this post. :)

The woman behind this whole event, Illy Ariffin. I knew her back then when we were youg (cheh, tua sangat ke sekarang ni. Haha) via blogging world. So, bloggers event has reunited us and at that point of time, i was still new in attending events for bloggers. I do not even know that event for bloggers exists. Now, it is a must for bloggers and influencers to attend events just to 'market' ourselves. Who else will do the marketing for us except US. We are working for ourselves here. 

I also got to meet with my long lost blogger friends

It is a wrap! Thank you everyone for spending partial of your valuable weekend with my humble family today 🐬😘 . . . Hope you will love all the products by our lovely sponsors 😘 @catrice.cosmetics @guardianmalaysia @palmersmalaysia @breenabeauty @kocostarmy @tanameraofficial @hiltongardeninnpuchong @hiltonkualalumpur . . . Cant wait to plan #Bloomingwithilly 4.0 soon 😘🐬😘🐬😘 . . . If you would like join the next event, dont forget to follow my insta n check out my insta stories as I usually share all updates and link to rsvp on it 😘 . . . Have a great weekend! . . . . . . #Bloomingwithilly = 3.0 #palmersmalaysia #catricecosmeticsmalaysia #guardiangayasquad #guardianmalaysia #breenabeauty #tanameraMalaysia #kocostarmy #palmers #catricecosmetics #hiltongardeninnpuchong #hiltonhotel #gettogether #hightea #underthesea
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 I am glad that they still recognize me, although i am not as hip and as slim as i used to be when i last met them! haha. Well, kudos to all blogger moms who work part time as a blogger and full time as a mother and 'kerja makan gaji'. 

I wish i could take more photos with them. I am not sure why but i have am trying now to be more selfie-able person. Since i got married and becoming a mother, my needs to take selfie has decreasing a bit but i am trying (you should see my instagram post, i took a lot of selfies now). 

Maybe because of this, brands wouldn't want to take me as their brand ambassador anymore kot. Haha. They needed more young hipsters and fun goers now to promote their stuffs. I know where i stand. Hehe.

Okay, okay lets get into the frame now. In this recent BWI event, there's a sharing session or beauty tips session. I did not shared any as most of the tips that i know had been shared by the rest of the gorgeous people. Some say drink water a lot, double cleanse your skin and for men, you have to take care of your skin too! And this is not just blindly use whatever your wife has inside the toilet ya. Make sure to read the products first before trying. Haha

Anyway, if you are trying to see what is my favorite items of all? I  CANNOT CHOOSE ONE! Haha. I love all of them! I have already tested out few items, Catrice Mascara and Lip Palette and loving both of them. I am on my way of testing out the mask. Probably i will bring the mask to Langkawi next week. A change of sight for a bit, ey? :)

If you are interested to join Blooming With Illy 4.0, please follow Illy's instagram and stay tune for the registration form. :)

Till then,

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