Friday, May 17, 2019

[BOTD] Yves Rocher I Love My Planet Set

Asslamualaikum wbt and Happy Friday semua! Since today is Friday and it will be a long weekend for us, i wanted to just update my blog today and it is something that i am super excited and started to fall in love with now. 

Have you all ever heard of the brand Yves Rocher? I did but i never tried their products. I remember i accompanied a friend of mine to one of their shop in Alamanda (now closed) and was browing through their products. If you are not familiar with the brand, Yves Rocher is a French made brand with worldwide representation. It was founded in 1959 by an entrepreneur named (and yes you guessed it!) Yves Rocher. :) 

Now this year, they are celebrating their 60 years anniversary and i received this set during the Butterfly Projects Birthday Party few weeks back. I have used this for more than a week now and i am ready to share my thoughts with everybody.

Shampooing Micellaire Detox

Fist of all, this shampoo. Well, it is hard to find a suitable shampoo for my hair especially for having an oily scalp like me. My hair can be all tangled up or dry or oily just by using a wrong mixture of shampoo. I am a bit scared to be honest in trying this shampoo cause i did not see anything mentioned on what it would do to our hair. It only says that it is silicone free, Colorant Free and Paraben Free.

Although the color of the bottle is green, the product is actually in clear color. As you can see, the bubble is not that much. I really like this shampoo. The scent is mild and pleasant. 

My review:
Since i have oily scalp, i cannot just simply or change shampoo brands but after using this shampoo, i can feel that my hair is shinier and it feels lighter too. My hair is easy to manage too after using this shampoo.

Concentrated Shower Gel


This would be my favorite item so far cause i really like the scent! Haha. It has olive scent, very calming and very ease to smell. If you can see on the bottle, it says 40 showers for this small bottle which means i would need to save a lot before getting myself a big bottle of this. Haha. The one that i received is the Olive Petitgrain it uses Aloe Vera gel and Olive Extract. The scent is olivy. 

The formula contains 97% ingredients of natural origin and the PH balanced is perfect for skin.
My Review:
This soap does not dried up my eczema skin at all and this is quite amazing. With a sensitive skin like mine, i think this soap has won my heart so far.

Hydra Vegetal Ultra Fresh Cleansing Gel

This is the last item received inside the box. The facial gel wash looks promising but since i have dry skin, a gel wash could actually make my skin a bit drier (from past experience). So, when i tried this gel facial wash, the first day, my skin does not feel that dry at all. Amazing!

My Review:
I do not have a sensitive skin on my face but i do have eczema on my eyelids but when i used this gel facial wash i can feel the freshness straight away. By having a dry skin, the gel formulation does not dries up my skin at all just because it has Edulis Celullar Water which bring the hydration onto my skin.

So far, i am loving this whole set and i am thinking of repurchasing the shampoo and if they do have conditioner, i would like to have that as well. I know there is one Yves Rocher shop at IOI City Mall. Will drop by there soon. :)

Till then,

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