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Butterfly Project 6th Birthday Party [Long Post]

Assalamualaikum wbt and good day all! It is the Ramadhan months which means, we have only about less than 30 days for Hari Raya. The celebration that every Muslims are looking forward to. This year, my Hari Raya would be slightly different as my paternal grandmother is no longer around (Al-Fatihah buat Tok Penang). Before i forgot, let me just share with my readers on the latest event i attended last few weeks.

The Butterfly Project 6th Birthday Party was held at Vilej Damansara Perdana. It was my first time attending an event alone, without my daughter and husband this time around. I have joined the Butterfly Projects Community since their 2nd birthday and i would want to make a disclaimer here that this community has made my blogging days super fun and colorful. You can search 'Butterfly Project' at the search box on the right hand side of this blog to read about my previous experiences with these butterflies. From this platform, i met few blogger friends who actually turns out to be friends too!


I have missed this group of friends ever since i was pregnant and was not being really active in my blogging days. I was not being invited to any of the events and this causes my blog to be quite reactive. If you are a blogger, you'd know that blogging takes time and effort and you need to have the right mood too, right? :)

I arrived when most of the pretty butterflies are also arriving. Some are dressed to the max and i am there,with my out of tune theme. Haha. But it was fun, seeing everybody in their pretty dresses and costumes.

The food at the party was prepared by Jom Party. It was delicious and i really like their brownies and pavlova and the mini chicken pie! Scrumptious!

There are some pretty flowers for us to decorate our flower headband. The flowers were sponsored by Avent Garde Blooms. It was told that they did try their best to find local breed flowers and we have these pretty baby breath flowers, rose and more! Want to see how my flower headband turns out to be like?

Simple and out of idea! haha. I have some vision in mind that i wanted to do a flower band like how the Romans do back then, but i do not have the idea on how to arrange it to make it look like Romans so this would do.

If you have seen closely the photo that i have uploaded earlier, you can see there are balloons everywhere! If you all know me, i am not a huge fan of balloons but i did my part by snapping photos of these balloons which was sponsored by The Blossoms Balloons. They are pretty indeed, no doubt on that.

Their signature balloon is this huge clear balloons with flowers/branches inside it. This one, i am not afraid of cause it does not look like a normal balloons. Haha. Memilih sangat ni!

I want to ask you one question, have you ever seen something that is outside the norm? Such as, a tea in a stick? What? Yes. The new revolution of drinking tea is now in a stick! Simple, easy to use and you can reuse one stick up until 3 times! Each of the butterflies can choose one and i choose the Fruity Forest Tea for a change. For me, tea should taste sweet and plain at the same time but maybe that is just my preference. If you would like to also be out of the norm, please visit T-Sticks Malaysia for more information on how to purchase this. Mine tasted really really good!

One of the goodies that we received during the event is this box from Yves Rocher Malaysia. Yves Rocher Malaysia is also celebrating their 60 years anniversary and coincidentally their theme is also about plants and floral. We received s big bottle of Shampoo, Shower Gel and Facial wash. I have not tried any items from Yves Rocher and now i can! Will give my review on these soon!

Hello. This is Joanne Kam Poh Poh. She is the queen of comedy and yes she did make everyone present at the party laugh and smile and happy! She brings out the happy mood during the event, although the jokes are a bit hamsap hahaha but it was funny!!

Just look at this pretty macarons. It was hand painted by Macarons by Madeleine . Super cute and nice to look at. I still have this inside my fridge. Sayang nya nak makan. I dont know what flavor is this. Wait until i tried it out, ya. :)

Last but not the least, thank you to the community of The Butterfly Projects. This is where i begin my blogging days, and my blogging journey has been so much lovely and rainbowy and colourfull-y and a sincere thank you to Tammy for all of these opportunities. Without her, my blogging days would be very dull and full with personal blogs rather than reviewing items.

If you are interested to know more on the community, please visit the links down below.

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Till then,

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