Thursday, May 23, 2019

Tag La V2 - First Impression!

Assalamualaikum and good day everybody. This post is dedicated to my readers who always lost their stuffs, especially keys. Please read through my post and i shall give you the solution. Hehe

Just to let you know, this is a sponsored review but i have test it for few days and this would be my first impression blog of this item.

TAG LA. The name sounds super Malaysian, right? Haha. I have checked inside their Website and trying to find the origines of this brand. I assume it is a Malaysian brand by the looks of their office and the staffs. Anyhow, it does not matter where the company is from, it is the item in which do i think is useful or not. We shall see.

I was given a Tag La last week and have few days of trying and playing it around with. Once received my Tag La, i connected it to its dedicated app (you can get it from App Store or Google Play) and try to play around with it instantly.

There are few features that it could do:
  1. Locate where is your item that was being tagged by Tag La.
  2. Locate your phone using Tag La
  3. As a bluetooth camera remote control
  4. Community Search.

The size of this V2 Tag La is quite small. I have not tried thr V1 but i saw the shape is square-ish. I prefer square because i like square shaped. This is just my personal opinion and i believe that shapes should not be the truly main focus here. Hehe.

I installed my Tag La with a set of office keys, the keys that i always forgot to take with me whenever i change my handbag. Haha.

I have tried the ‘Find Me’ function and it works well. Just that when i tried, my keys were in my handbag and i was on the other side of the room. I can barely hear the beep sound. The sound can be a bit low when it is inside a bag but it is surely high when it is placed outside the bag.

Once you have found your Tag La item, just press STOP via the app and the beep alarm will stop.

You can also locate your phone using the Tag La device. Just press Tag La twice and your phone will ring, even though your phone is on silent mode. This is one superb function.

I also like that when you are away from the Tag La device, a notification will prompt onto your phone that you are not around your Tag La device.

The bluetooth remote camera works well too. Just that it does not use the phone camera instead it uses the Tag La camera app. Hence, one you click Tag La it takes about 4-5 seconds before it could capture your photo.

So far the functions is working to me. I have one concern tho, the interface of the app. I wonder why the icons are super large on my iPhone. Hehe. If they could make the UX a little bit nice that would be one great app.

Till then,

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