Tuesday, July 2, 2019

A Must Read Post if you have Blackheads! feat Althea A'Bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster.

Asaalamualaikum and good day everybody. I have been meaning to write this blog entry since last week but i have been quite tight up with work and a sick daughter to take care off. Hence, i am typing this blog today at the hospital, while husband is taking care of the little ones now. 

I am truly fascinated by this one product from Althea A'Bloom collection. The BHA Blackhead Blaster is a MUST have if you are looking to remove if not all of your blackheads away. It is effective, you can even see the results right after using it for the first time! Oh em gee!

At first i was a bit sceptical that this small item could remove the blackheads onto my nose with just an application of it. But it does it jobs quite well! 

It had a chacoal scent but very mild. Not as strong as a chacoal mask. Which is good. 

The application is also quite simple, just take the BHA Blackhead Blaster, open the cap and twist the bottom until we coule see the product and apply it onto your nose. Just make sure you have washed you face before application. 

The ingredients include a White Mellow (natural BHA) you which is good to get rid of dead skin cells and also make the skin feel smooth. 

It also contains charcoal, which its main focus is to absorb the oil. 

Apart from the two ingredients mentioned, it also has Apricot Seeds and also Tea Tree Leaf Oil as well. Apricot seeds are very famous for its exfoliating function and tea tree is very well known on its calming function. All complete regime to remove the blackheads away!

You can get this at Althea Korea Website for RM 19 each. Yes! Quite cheap, right! 

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