Tuesday, August 20, 2019

LENNOX #LoveYourSkin Collagen Month

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to all. I wanted to take this opportunity to share with my beloved readers, on my experience in attending the Lennox #LoveYourSkin event last month. 

Since the event was held at The Gardens, i booked a hotel room at Cititel MidValley just to make it easier for my husband and baby. They could rest in the room while i go and bake some interesting souffle for them. 

So, first things first lets talk about our skin shall we? Do you know your skin type? How do you determine your skin type? I know i do have an oily T-Zone but i sometimes do have dry patches too especially around the nose and also at the side of my mouth. With this, i could say that i do have combination of oily and dry skin as well. My oily skin does not supersede my dry skin which means my oily skin is not that oily. It is just feels like a bit greasy especially when it is hot and humid.

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