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LENNOX #LoveYourSkin Collagen Month

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to all. I wanted to take this opportunity to share with my beloved readers, on my experience in attending the Lennox #LoveYourSkin event last month. 

Since the event was held at The Gardens, i booked a hotel room at Cititel MidValley just to make it easier for my husband and baby. They could rest in the room while i go and bake some interesting souffle for them. 

So, first things first lets talk about our skin shall we? Do you know your skin type? How do you determine your skin type? I know i do have an oily T-Zone but i sometimes do have dry patches too especially around the nose and also at the side of my mouth. With this, i could say that i do have combination of oily and dry skin as well. My oily skin does not supersede my dry skin which means my oily skin is not that oily. It is just feels like a bit greasy especially when it is hot and humid.

I always believe in taking care of my skin before having to put any makeup on. The less the makeup is on your face, the healthier your skin will be. When i was younger, my skin was more elastic but slightly towards the oilier side. I always have to wipe off sweats on my nose, every time! As i grow older, changed few skincare routine, i can see that my skin has starting to loose its elasticity and tend to look more matured. All of these happened because of few factors, aging and pregnant being some of them.

I dont usually get severe acne skin except for one time i had experienced an atopic acne / dermatitis on the side of my face and it was not a joke guys. I did feel down and demotivated and from there on, i really take care of my skin deep down.

So, i know you must be wondering how did i take care of my skin nowadays? Well, not by just taking care of it on the outside but i have to also take care of it on the inside as well. And that is when the collagen drinks from Lennox comes in and do its part. Do you understand what is actually is 'Collagen' and why do we have to take extra collagen when our skin is also producing its own collagen? When we are getting older, the production of collagen is also getting lower and lower. Hence, although our skin is producing its own collagen but to have a supplementary of collagen drink to help boost up the elasticity of our skin.

Let me introduce you to Lennox. Lennox believes and thinks that everyone deserves to be healthy and beautiful. Which is why, Lennox is striving to produce nutritional supplements of the highest quality to meet our health and beauty requirements. With intensive R&D, Lennox products were made by only using natural and organic ingredients that are scientifically proven to be safe and effective for our well-being.

Lennox only uses aqua marine collagen, which is 100% water soluable and has low molecular weight for better digestibility. It was known that Lennox collagen has better bond structure and absorbed more easily by our body.

There are few different ranges of collagen drinks produced under the brand Lennox;

Lennox FirmUp+ (for whitening)
Lennox FirmUP + Men (to fight oily skin)
Lennox FirmUp+ Forte Gold (for hydration)
Lennox FirmUp+ EX (a combination of whitening and hydration)
Lennox Collagen 5000 (Low calorie, easy to use collagen powder)

Lets go one by one on the collagen, shall we?

Lennox FirmUp+
This is the latest newly upgraded whitening essence which means if your goal is to get fairer and healthier skin, this would be the perfect collagen drink for you. In addition, it has CoQ10 and Grape Seed Extract, a strong antioxcident in which helps to protect skin from UV rays that could damage your skin and also causes anti aging.
The FirmUp+ contains a liquid + collagen powder (you have to mix them up) to ensures total freshness and effectiveness of the ingredients are preserved. The antioxidants used are in powder form are easily oxidized.

Lennox FirmUp+ Men
Do you know, that according to research, men has 10% - 20% of thicker skin than woman? Yes they do! That is why, men skin tends to look more 'thick'. With this, a healthy man skin could absorbed more collagen drinks than any external skin products used. The main ingredients of Lennox FirmUp+ Men are Cactus Extract & Maritime Pine Bark extract which could help to reduce the excessive oil and keeps skin feeling hydrated.

Lennox FirmUp+ Forte Gold
Packed with Ceramide, this collagen drink is suitable to maintain and  hydrate our skin. Ceramides are lipid molecules in which could be found in high concentrations within cell membranes in the upper layer skin. The job is to hold the skin cells together, to form a protecting layer that plumps the skin and holds moisture. They also acts like a barrier against bacteria and environmental pollutants.

Lennox FirmUp+ EX
The FirmUP+ EX contains sakura essence extract and Grape Seed extract to fight radicals and protect the skin from signs of aging. Sakura essence could help in possessing the whitening properties that help to lighten the uneven skin pigmentation caused by UV rays.

Lennox Collagen 5000
This is a low calorie and convenient way of consuming collagen. It is made from high quality fish collagen peptide originated from Japan that could easily dissolved into your favorite drinks / dishes. We actually made a souffle using this powder and it turns out tasting really delicious!

Super delicious! Yes! You did not even taste the collagen cause it has all mixed up inside the souffle. I had a blast during the event day as each of us are allowed to bake 8 Berry Souffle Cheese ourselves. Of course there is one teacher showing us the step by step on how to make the souffle and for a first time baker myself, it feel proud in finishing the recipe and it turns out to be GOOD!

AUGUST is the LENNOX COLLAGEN MONTH and LoveYourSkin Campaign. Why is the tagline LoveYourSkin? - Basically, we have been busy attending chores and doing work here and there hence, this month is to remind us to take care of our skin more often. Our skin is part of who we are, so healthy skin is worth every bit of investment. When your skin is healthy, automatically you will look and feel beautiful naturally.

You may drop by and follow Lennox as they will be sharing more promotions and tons of crazy deals at their Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/lennox.malaysia/
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/lennox.malaysia/
Website : www.lennox.com.my

On top of that, do stand a chance to win Lennox attractive prizes when you enter the buy and win contest!

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