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Italy Trip 2019 - Dhiyanazimarissa [LONG ENTRY]

Assalamualaimum wbt semua! Yes. Rasa dah lama tak update blog. Haha. Maybe sebab i do not have much time to update and also not much material to share. Well, many of you all here must know (if you read my IG and FB posts) that i am a little bit obsessed with Italy. I took a part time course online on Roman Architecture and also trying to learn Italian (which i failed miserably) via Duolingo. Haha.

This trip was done solely by me, from flight tickets to hotels to train tickets and also activity. Basically, all the important itinerary are done by yours truly. Cause i know where to go, i know and love planning things ahead of time for smoother plans.

Just a simple itinerary for you to imagine what happened during our 10 days in Italy.

What is sooooooo damn good about Italy that we have to revisit it back again? Well, mostly about the historical part of it but overall, it's the country itself that i fall in love with. If you have never ever been to Italy, you should! I followed this one Italy Trip group in Facebook and every single person says the same. I even planned our next Italy trip, when i am in Italy in fact. Haha. 

 This trip started when we boarded the Emirates aircraft EK343 from KUL to DXB. I usually like to boarded a night flight cause i could sleep and my daughter could also sleep as well and also the timing was super perfect cause we arrived in Rome at noon on Saturday so i do not have to take leave on Friday the day before. Hehe.

This was us, having our dinner + supper at one of the restaurant at KLIA Satellite building. Not many choices there even Emierates Lounge is not open 24/7 and everyone hoarded on Burger King.

As expected, Marissa fall asleep and it is crucial for her to sleep cause of the hassle that we have to endure. We did not follow the rules to pack light. I do not know even how to pack light. Haha. With Marissa on board for the first time into a 7 hours flight + another 7 hours flight, i am not sure what to bring, what can we bring and what is not allowed. 

Surprisingly, what i am afraid of would at Dubai turns out to be super smooth. Was it because i booked the Marhaba service? It was worth the money. We have fast lane for the security scanning and no hassle faced at all.

This photo was taken at Dubai airport Business Class Lounge. The play room is a bit disappointing. Not much for kids to do, especially for kids with the age of 1-2 years old. 

Second day in Rome. To tell you the truth, I slept from 6pm Rome time to 3am next day Rome time (12 am Malaysia Time - 9am next day Malaysia Time) cause i was super tired. So, we wasted our Day 1 just like that! Haha. I woke up at 3am cause Marissa woke up so that is the main case actually. So, gambar atas tu sebenarnya masa tengah jalan-jalan kat Rome cari kedai 24 hours nak beli mineral water cause we are sceptical like that. Tak nak minum tap water. Haha. Padahal air mineral they all pun ntah ntah amik kat air pancut je. LOLX! 

Gambar bawah pulak is at Trastevere. Time tu nak tengok dobi yang we all pergi tu ada lagi ke tak. Hehe. So bila nampak dobi masih wujud and the pekerja tu masih ingat we olls lagi, memang happy tak terkira lah! That is why we stayed at the same hotel as our previous trip. Ponte Sisto Hotel. Dekat dengan dobi, dekat dengan Campo De Fiori, dekat dengan Piazza Navona, dekat dengan semuanya kecuali train station. So that is why, when people asked me where to stay, what to do in Rome i would usually asked them back what is your preference? Nak pergi Rome untuk tengok historical buildings ke or nak pergi Rome as persinggahan je and will be travelling by train mostly? Sebab if travelling by train mostly, it is better to stay near Termini Station. At Rome, there's UBER walaupun ada yang kata it is illegal. I have tried to use their Taxi App but failed to even get one taxi tau. Pakai UBER senang gilos. Haha. 

So second day i booked a personal trip including transportation and tour guide to Tivoli. Tivoli ni about 30-45 mins drive from Rome. So memang kena ada kereta sebab tak tau lah train ada stop kat sini ke tak. Bandar kecik je and Tivoli ni actually atas bukit. Super cantik! Tapi gambar kat atas ni is actually at Villa Adriana. Villa milik Emperor Hadrian once upon a time. Siapa tak kenal Emperor Hadrian ni, sila lah search and baca. He was one of the beloved emperor of Rome yang a bit peculiar. Usually, Emperor of Rome akan stay at Palatine Hill which is one of the 7 hills of Rome but Hadrian wanted to stay outside of Rome, so dia buat lah villa seluas 300 hectar kat sini but excavated only few hectars today. 

Emperor Hadrian was known to bring back memories of the country that he visited. This is a canopus, inspired by an Egypt river Nile where he visited with his beloved boy Antinous and it was said that Antinous died in the river Nile and this canopus was built to remember Antinous. You can see Emperor Hadrian's dressing up in Egyptian attire in the statue above. 

From the Villa, korang boleh nampak Tivoli which is the city atas bukit as per the picture above. :) 

Gambar atas ni pulak is at Garden  at Villa D'Este. A garden that was build by the Cardinal Este. Ada orang kata dia sakit hati sebab tak dapat jadi Pope so dia buat garden sebesar besar nya just to show of his power and money. Dalam taman ni ada banyak water fountain and water features. Bila masuk je dah boleh dengar bunyi air. My mom would love this garden for sure. Just that garden dia tepi lereng bukit, so turun memang best tapi nak naik atas balik is like hell. Haha! But it was super beautiful! If you wanted to take a look, you can book a personal tour just like what i did, picked up at the hotel at 9am and stopped at Villa Adriana for a guided tour then to Tivoli for another guided tour at Villa D'Este. This is what i use to booked my trip : GetYourGuide If you have Netflix, you can search for Monty Don's Italian Garden and look for Episode 1 : Rome. He visited Adrian's Villa and also Villa D'Este.

Day 3 in Rome/ Italy plan dia adalah untuk pergi Pompei for a day trip. I have bought all train tickets way ahead of time via Trenitalia website. Some said if we buy the tickets way earlier lagi murah which i am not sure if that is true. Selalu bila dah beli, dah tak kisah dah. Haha.

So Pompeii, our trip from Rome took us about 3 hours nak sampai sebab have to tukar train at Napoli. We took the Frecciarossa Express train so bila sampai Napoli kena tukar to another train yang macam KTM tu. Tak ada seating number. Hehe. The view from Napoli to Pompeii is incredibly beautiful! Tepi laut kan so view laut all the way!

As you can see from the picture above, Pompeii is another archeological place in which the excavation is still on going. Besar tau Pompeii city ni. And you feel like you are really in a city tau! Cause all of the domus and tabernae is still can be said, intact. Korang masuk rumah orang, masuk baths, masuk tabernae. You can feel that this place used to be super packed with people, and there are business happening everyday kat situ. You will instantly feel you are in the BC and AD years. I have yet to ronda habis kat sana, but i will revisit Pompei when Marissa dah besar sikit lah kot. Sebab jalan kat sana semua nya batu ye and strollers and wheelchairs tak berapa sesuai nak jalan kat situ cause there's no jalan rata kat sana. I am amazed at how they built the city from just a military style city, from a Cardo and Decumanus road to a huge city with large blocks of stones. Some of the houses are very well preserved. I missed the House of Vetii cause it was closed for restoration. So this means that i have to go back again sometime soon. :)

Day four in Rome/Italy. Dah beli siap siap tour I LOVE Rome via GetYourGuide jugak. It said that the tickets is a skip the line but at Colosseum still kena beratur macam orang gila jugak. Haha. Well, not sure where is the skip the line part then. Kat sini tak ada apa sangat since it is our second visit. Just wanted to learn more on the building inside the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. Last time we visited Roman Forum but not Palatine Hill. The picture of the Forum above was taken from the Palatine Hill. Palatine Hill ni lah tempat yang emperor Rome semua nak stay. Semua start untuk tambah villa kat atas bukit tu, sampai jadi besar. 

The Arch of Titus. Arch ni lah dibina oleh Emperor Domition untuk Emperor Titus and Vespation (yang dah meninggal masa arch ni dibuat) untuk meng-commemorating kejayaan mereka menakluk Jerusalem. So ukiran pada arch ni ada the famous candelabrum of Menorah in which related to the Jewish traditions. The arch is situated at the Via Sacra, dalam Roman Forum itself.

Dalam Roman Forum ni ada macam-macam bangunan in which satu satu ada sejarahnya yang tersendiri. Ada Curia, ada House of the Vestal Virgins (in which kerja the girls is to jaga the eternal fire), ada the Forum itself, ada Basilica, ada Temple of Roma and Venus and more. Korang kalau nak pergi, disarankan untuk baca at least some part of the building and its history. Kalau tak, mesti korang macam tak berapa faham and bosan.

So day 5 in Italy, we moved to Milan. Tukar angin from ancient city to modern city of Italy. Naik train macam biasa, we left one of our luggage at the hotel sebab tak kuasa nak bawak dua luggage. Haha. So, Milan is a very different environment altogether. Since we will be travelling a lot using train when in Milan (Tak de la a lot tapi nak jimat masa) we stayed at the hotel next to the train station itself. Kat Milan tak banyak tangkap gambar sangat sebab tak banyak activity sangat pun kat sana. 

Day 7 in Italy, Day 3 in Milan we all pergi visit Turin. Kenapa Turin? Well, sebab nak visit and see what is so best kat sana? Apparently tak ada apa pun. Haha. Well, lepas ni kalau nak visit Turin pun kalau ada game bola boleh lah kot since husband peminat tegar Juventus.

We did not do much in Turin except to just eat at the restaurant at Caffe Mokita which i had the best Pomodoro Pasta! Sedap! 

Sampaikan dalam Train pun nak makan Pomodoro Pasta uolls! haha Euro 14 je satu set skali dengan air and biskut and apa tah lagi dia bagi. Instant punya tak de la sama macam masak tapi still, dalam train pun boleh makan ye. So, tak perlulah nak pack Brahims banyak banyak. Uolls takkan kebulur tapi akan jadi bosan makan pasta tomato. haha

So day 8 in Italy, balik Rome from Milan. Sebab nya beli tiket flight pergi balik so kena lah naik dari Rome jugak. Padahal boleh je multicity kan. Hehe. :) Lepas ni maybe akan turun Milan dulu kot, stay for few days kat sana then baru turun Rome and spend the rest of the week kat Rome. 

So far, this is the most exhausting trip we had sebab bawak Marissa sekali. We don't know what to expect but time flies really fast. Maybe sebab i dah arranged activity kot so hari hari ada benda kena buat. Next trip i will try to do it a bit mellow so that tak penat sangat. 

Arrivederci, Italia. See you again soon! 

Till then,

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