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Items to pack when travelling overseas with a toddler

Assalamualaikum and selamat pagi! Good morning / Boungiourno! So, recently as you may be aware, Anfaal baru je balik from Italy trip with my little ones. And i actually did watched a lot of Youtube videos on what to prepare, what to bring in and also during transit and i have gathered most of the information from these videos that i watched and also from my experience as well, i will share with you what i did packed inside the carryon luggage and what i brought with me during the trip. 

This might be lengthy so, just sit back, relaxed and read one by one. The tips may be applied to my daughter but not to your children but i feel like sharing this so that even i could refer back to this entry for future reference. 

WE MADE A MISTAKE by having a lot of things inside our carry on. We have one Duffle bag, one Stokke Jetkids and one Bugaboo Ant stroller to be carried out throughout the entire transit. First of all, our flight departed KUL at 1.45am on 26 October 2019 so Marissa should be sleeping by then. I love night flight cause i could arrive in the country at least at around noon. So, no day and time wasted there. Plus, my daughter will be sleeping (which she did!) nearly the whole entire flight so it was a bonus for us. 

I did over packed. I admit that. Just that i do not know what to expect, travelling a long haul plane trip with a 1 year old toddler. I bought so many sticker books, activity pads, colors, magnetic playsets just to keep her out of her boredom. At last korang tau dia main apa? Remote TV dalam inflight entertainment tu je. Haha. Plus, if you are travelling with Emirates, you can get few plush toys and activity items jugak so she wont be bored during the 6-7 hours flight. She also watched some cartoons on the inflight system plus, also played with some kids game too. So, dia memang occupied with things inside the aircraft itself. 

So these are what i packed. Actually, we do not need nearly 70% of the stuffs that i packed. Yang paling penting macam diapers, wet tissues, extra baju, susu, bottle and air panas. Apparently, we can just bring susu dalam tupperware and bring them on board. I was afraid that they might rampas susu tu, especially at Dubai sebab we did have a very strict bag checking during our trip there last 2 years back.

What we packed :

8 pull-up diapers
Wet tissue 80 pcs
6 stacks of 190ml powder milk
1 hot water flask
2 pyjamas
2 long sleeve shirts
2 long pants
2 bottles
1 pacifier
A LOT of activity books (like, 3-4 of them!)
1 blanket
2 bantal busuk
1 teddybear

What we should have only packed :

8 pull-up diapers
Wet tissue 80 pcs
1 box of milk
1 hot water flask
1 pyjama (long john)
2 long sleeve shirt
2 long pantss
2 bottles
1 pacifier
1/2 activity books
2 bantal busuk

I will remind myself to not to overpacked during our next trip overseas. 😃

Out of all the activity books that i bought, she only interested to play with this colouring book. I got them at Happikiddo. The pen should be filled with water and they can color the pictures inside the book over and over and over again. She did not get bored playing this over again.

Apart from the necessity items, i also bought with me her ipad and also Skyroam. A roaming device so that she could watch her cartoons or play games using her ipad.

It was certainly a challenge, travelling on board with a toddler but she amazed me in so many ways. She was super easy to manage during the flight hours.

Well now, let’s move on to the What i brought during the 10 days trip and What i should have not brought list too. Haha

What I Packed :

Whole lot of long sleeve clothes for the three of us
Few jeans for the two of us & long pants & thights for Marissa
1 thick jacket for myself & Nazim
1 long jacket for Marissa
2 foldable windbreaker for myself and Nazim
Maggi Mee Curry and Chicken flavor
1 pack of Offspring diapers
Extension cord
International adapter
2 Mini umbrellas
Baby carrier
3in1 mocha
Condensed milk
garbage bag
Sterilizer mini

and a lot more things that i think i do not have to list down here. 😀

What I Should Have Not Packed :

A Whole lot of Brahims - Just packed a few flavors (Marissa approves their Nasi Lemak and Nasi Tomato with Daging Kurma!)
Only one Maggi flavour please! Cause we do not have time to eat in room. We are always outside.
3 in 1 Mocha. Should have not bring them at all! Haha
Hair Dryer. Why did i even bring this!? OMG!

Well, we all learnt from mistakes kan? So, next trip now i know what to packed and what to expect.

Oh yes, these Popia pun Anfaal bawak tau! Import dari Malaysia. Makan dah nak habis kat Italy. Ni je la sedap nak kunyah hehe. Nak order boleh roger Goheks_Kitchen15 kat instagram. 😃

Till then,

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