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Switzerland Trip December 2021 - Geneva (Day 7 - 12)

 Assalamualaikum wbt and good day people. 😃 This would be my last Switzerland entry this time around. There will be more travel blogs soon, perhaps domestic ones instead of international ones this time? Hehe. Anyway, the last part only involves Geneva, the southern part of Swiss, nearby France border. As I mentioned in Part 1 of our Swiss entry, I did the itinerary for this travel episode two days before we flew. In fact, we made some date changes to our departing flight from Geneva when we were in Bern. How very last minute this trip was. Haha. But I pat myself on the back as I did this myself, and with my husband's trust, I believe I did a good job. Haha. We always do our travel by ourselves, we don't use any tour packages as we like to roam ourselves like the locals. Hehe. 

So here it goes, from Basel to Geneva, it took us 2 hours 50 minutes with 1 train change at Bern. Their train comes without any food or drinks (perhaps because of covid), but you can buy your food at the train cafe. 

Some of the views were spectacular, with greens covered with snow, villages and trees. No wonder people said that Swiss is a very beautiful country. 

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Switzerland Trip December 2021 - Basel & Bern (Day 4-7)

 Assalamualaikum wbt and happy day peeps! This would be part 2 of our Swiss trip last year. This will cover day 4 until 7, where we stayed at Basel, plus a day trip to Bern. All of our transportation in Swiss were via trains (to the other cities) and also by walking. Before we boarded our SBB train, we went to Nordsee underneath the Zurich HB for lunch. 

This was a super delish dish! I am not a huge fan of eating fish (apart from fish burgers, which I think is the best burger of all time, and also fish fingers, yummy!) but this dish was extremely yummy! Thanks to Helmi, my cousin's husband for the recommendation.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Switzerland Trip December 2021 - ZURICH & LUGANO (Day 1-4)

Assalamualaikum wbt and good day everyone. I know this blog has been LONG OVERDUE but I still feel like sharing some helpful information with everyone, especially those who are or will be going to Swiss for the first time ever. I don't say that I am an expert in providing advice when it comes to Swiss. This trip that I had was also my first time ever. It was a very last minute planned trip and I did my itinerary 2 days before flying to Swiss. I will share all my hotel's locations (plus the Booking.com link - not affiliated) and also other helpful information in this blogpost entry. 

We boarded Emirates flight EK347 to Dubai from KLIA and departed at 7:10pm. This was our first-day flight ever. My flights to the international route would always be at midnight, as I ❤️ red-eye flights so that my daughter can sleep. But, no issue this time around; she's active and, most importantly, eating the flight meals. I am happy. She also gets to do some activities and play around with the cabin crew as well.

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Selamat "Hurry" Raya 2022!

 Assalamualaikum wbt dan salam sejahtera everyone! First and foremost, Anfaal nak ucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri; Maaf Zahir & Batin to all my followers and readers. Ada lagi ke yang masih membaca my blog yang sendu ni? hehe..Kalau ada, I'm so thankful. hehe. 

Kali ni nak share experience Raya tergempar 2022. Alkisahnya kalau ikut calendar kuda, 1 Syawal jatuh pada 3 May 2022. Tapi one week before Raya tu dah kecoh, katanya 1 Syawal akan jatuh pada hari Isnin bersamaan dengan 2 May 2022 instead of 3 May 2022. Time tu, semua kata tunggu lah announcement, jangan melulu pandai pandai buat tilik tarikh. So semua pun berjalan la macam biasa balik. Dah la iolls positive covid 1 week before raya, so confirm la HSO seminggu tak dapat nak keluar rumah. Nasib baik baju raya Marissa dah beli satu before that. So masa kena covid tu, i Grab je my baju raya from Duck app. haha. Jadi lah. Cuma nya, baju raya husband je tak beli lagi. Ingat nak beli 1 week before raya dah tertangguh jadi 1 day before raya baru beli. 

Haha. Singgahlah di SURIA KLCC. Kita pun amik kesempatan ajar anak barang barang antik yang ada kat sana. "Ni TV dulu-dulu, ni telefon dulu-dulu, ni radio dulu-dulu, ni komputer dulu-dulu". Hehe. Dapat la jugak dia tengok kan. 

So, nak dijadikan cerita, on Sunday tu macam biasa je buka puasa dengan family in laws sebab weekend memang selalu akan balik sana. Tak sedar pun yang haritu merupakan hari terakhir Ramadan bagi tahun 2022. 😞 Sedih juga la bila teringat balik kan. Harap sempat lah berjumpa Ramadan 2023 pulak nanti. 

Bila dah Hurry Raya ni, memang semua terjah je lah apa ada. Malam Raya tu semua kecoh call supplier makanan hehe. Nak tukar tarikh. Orang yang menjual makanan pun pening kepala nak masak untuk Syawal esok hari. Memang havoc lah senang cerita. 

Makanan raya kat rumah my mom, janji ada je. Hehe. Alhamdulillah kenyang jugak tak ada pun rasa tak bersyukur. Sebab to us, Raya dah lama tak segah dulu, since my father left us, tok left us, Hari Raya jadi suram. Now, im living my Raya for my daughter. She just turned 4 years old last December so let her celebrate her Hari Raya with her cousins pulak this time around. 

My raya outfit? This was my baju raya, 2021 collection from Lilit. I beli dapat discount hehe. Lilit X Farm Fresh collection. Jadi kena dengan tema kan? Tema tahun ni pink color. 😃 

Second day Raya, family MIL ajak pergi GPO. So we all shoot pergi naik GPO shopping shopping. Manusia jangan cakap la, memang ramai hehe. Time ni memang dah tak pakai baju kurung dah. Baju raya pun ada satu pasang je. Kita recycle balik baju raya tahun tahun lepas hehe untuk raya ke 3. 

Anyway, dikesempatan ni, Anfaal & Family ingin mengucapkan

Sehingga berjumpa kembali,

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

[Review] Safi Tonic Pelebat Rambut & Penguat Akar - Safi Shayla

 Assalamualaikum wbt and happy day everyone. By the time I posted this blogpost, it is near to Hari Raya and on the first day of Hari Raya, mesti kita nak rambut yang sihat dan kuat, kan? 

Let me introduce to you range baru dari Safi Shayla - Hair Fall Control range which recently has been upgraded with the NEW Hijab Scalp Biotics Technology. This technology will help us hijabis (and non-hijabis of course!) to have a better and healthier scalp during Hari Raya this year! 

So, within the Hair Fall Control range, Safi recently introduced the Hair Fall Control Hair Tonic which is effective in reducing hair loss and thickening your hair with its premium ingredients such as Red Ginseng from Korea & Niacinamide.

The range includes, Shampoo, Scalp Mask, Tonic, Serum and not to forget, the incredible smell hair mist. If you are like me, cannot stand the smell of your hair especially after going to the mamak (yes i cant stand the smell of the mamak lingering onto my hair when i am still free hair).

Safi Shayla Hair Fall Control Syampoo, now with Hijab Scalp Biotics technology help to cleanses & strengthen hair structure with fragrance up to 72 hours.

Safi Shayla Hair Fall Control Scalp Mask actually cares for your scalp, reduces sebum, strengthen hair follicles & removes bad odour as well. Wearing a hair mask once in a while can make our scalp healthier.

Hair Tonic. Berapa ramai kat sini tak pernah pakai hair tonic? Anfaal dulu pun tak berapa nak pakai sebab tak tahu fungsi dia. Actually, hair tonic ni dapat menguatkan lagi akar rambut dan melebatkan rambut kita tau. This hair tonic is formulated with Hijab Scalp Biotics technology, Korean Red Ginseng & Niacinamide strengthens hair follicle from hair roots, reduce hair fall and makes 4.6X hair more voluminous.

Hair Serum is to be used at the end of your hair (not at the scalp) to reduce split ends and also do repairs and strengthens the brittle hair by penetrating into the inner hair half structure. So pakai serum once all of the above dah settle and to my experience, it is better to apply serum once your hair is completely dry. 

Hair Mist gives the extra protection for hair, locks in and retains nutrients for stronger hair whilst eliminating bad odour for long-lasting hijab freshness. 

So, what's best in this new range of Safi Shayla Hair Fall Control? Once dah pakai, you can feel that it makes your hair 73% Stronger from the roots, 57% less hair falls from roots and 4.6X more voluminous hair. Since this is for hijab range, it also gives extra cooling and soothes the scalp as well. It is non greasy, fast drying and has that incredible refreshing floral scent!

Korang cuba lah range ni and let me know what you think! Berkesan sangat wei! 😃 

You may grab the range at Watsons and Guardian, exclusively! 

Till then,

Berbuka Puasa di Farm Fresh (The Acre) with Geng Makan.

 Assalamualaikum wbt & salam sejahtera. I know i am super late in updating this but i wanted to share with everyone my experience having to berbuka puasa / iftar at The Acre, Farm Fresh near UPM Serdang. It was an impromptu decision to have a berbuka puasa with my Geng Makan, in which I went to the Glamping together-gether (Will update on this as well).

The plan started 2 weeks before the actual day we went to iftar, as usual we all asked in our Whatsapp group "tak nak buat buka puasa together ke?". So, one of us suggested to go to the Farm Fresh iftar and we straight away agreed. sebab tempat dia macam special sikit kan? 😃  Lain dari yang lain.

I arrived around 6:55pm, lambat sebab hujan that day and kena take care of my daughter dulu. By the time I arrived, ramai dah sampai and parking pun dah sampai ke hujung dah. Parking ada, but if somehow ada orang yang tak pandai parking, block jalan, habis semua dah tak boleh park. 

Kawasan Farm Fresh ni dekat UPM, near Astana Putra UPM tu. Kalau korang try untuk search The Acre by Farm Fresh, sampai la kat situ. 

Kawasan dia macam biasa lah, korang boleh tengok moo moo aka lembu and macam macam binatang lain jugak. Kalau sampai awal, uolls boleh naik tractor and di bawa jalan round area ni. Saya tak sempat naik tapi my friends naik. Seronok la depa! hehe

Kawasan dia luas dan terjaga. Cantik je pemandangan. Macam kat overseas pulak. Cuma tak sejuk je. hehe. 

Ni lah entrance dia, meja weolls kat tepi entrance je. Since saya tak sempat naik tractor, saya ambil peluang untuk bergambar dengan Pakcik Susu Farm Fresh je lah. Kasi selfie satu. Dah lama tak berselfie bagai haha. Rasa diri dah tua. 

Makanan juadan untuk berbuka dia bermacam jenis juga ya. Ada nasi putih, nasi beriyani, daging korma, ayam merah, jelatah, ada lagi lauk lain tapi saya tak amik sebab tak berapa makan. Hehe. Lepas tu ada kambing bakar, ada sate ayam & daging, ada murtabak (THE BEST) daging & ayam, ikan bakar and ada buah-buahan. Kueh mueh dan kek pun ada. Cendol pun sedap. Pilihan air pula, ada air panas macam teh tarik dgn kopi dan air sejuk. Macam haritu, air sejuk ada air cocktail, jagung dengan satu lagi saya dah lupa.  >.<"


Macam biasa, makan tak lah sampai tak ingat dunia ya, kat area sini di sediakan surau sementara. Cuma tempat wudhuk untuk perempuan kena amik kat tandas di belakang area tempat makan sebab tempat wudhuk near surau tu open air sangat. And surau pun surau sementara so boleh nampak dari luar ya bahagian perempuan.

Ni lah geng makan saya. Memang makan je kerja kami ni. Pergi mana-mana pun mesti ingat makan je haha. Lepas dah berbuka tu, we all took advantage of the landscape to pose for photos. Banyak gambar kita ambil kat sana sini. Posing dengan maskot lembu. hehe

So far, pengalaman yang unik berbuka puasa di The Acre Farm Fresh ni. By the time saya post ni, slot pun dah habis dah. Semua fully booked. InsyaAllah tahun depan akan ada lagi. Korang masih boleh visit kedai kopi Farm Fresh tu which the The Acre tu lah and also datang untuk beli susu. Di alu alu kan sangat. They also sell fresh vegetables jugak kat sini tau. 

Till then from Geng Makan,


FB Farm Fresh : https://www.facebook.com/farmfreshdairyproduce 

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