Wednesday, April 27, 2022

[Review] Safi Tonic Pelebat Rambut & Penguat Akar - Safi Shayla

 Assalamualaikum wbt and happy day everyone. By the time I posted this blogpost, it is near to Hari Raya and on the first day of Hari Raya, mesti kita nak rambut yang sihat dan kuat, kan? 

Let me introduce to you range baru dari Safi Shayla - Hair Fall Control range which recently has been upgraded with the NEW Hijab Scalp Biotics Technology. This technology will help us hijabis (and non-hijabis of course!) to have a better and healthier scalp during Hari Raya this year! 

So, within the Hair Fall Control range, Safi recently introduced the Hair Fall Control Hair Tonic which is effective in reducing hair loss and thickening your hair with its premium ingredients such as Red Ginseng from Korea & Niacinamide.

The range includes, Shampoo, Scalp Mask, Tonic, Serum and not to forget, the incredible smell hair mist. If you are like me, cannot stand the smell of your hair especially after going to the mamak (yes i cant stand the smell of the mamak lingering onto my hair when i am still free hair).

Safi Shayla Hair Fall Control Syampoo, now with Hijab Scalp Biotics technology help to cleanses & strengthen hair structure with fragrance up to 72 hours.

Safi Shayla Hair Fall Control Scalp Mask actually cares for your scalp, reduces sebum, strengthen hair follicles & removes bad odour as well. Wearing a hair mask once in a while can make our scalp healthier.

Hair Tonic. Berapa ramai kat sini tak pernah pakai hair tonic? Anfaal dulu pun tak berapa nak pakai sebab tak tahu fungsi dia. Actually, hair tonic ni dapat menguatkan lagi akar rambut dan melebatkan rambut kita tau. This hair tonic is formulated with Hijab Scalp Biotics technology, Korean Red Ginseng & Niacinamide strengthens hair follicle from hair roots, reduce hair fall and makes 4.6X hair more voluminous.

Hair Serum is to be used at the end of your hair (not at the scalp) to reduce split ends and also do repairs and strengthens the brittle hair by penetrating into the inner hair half structure. So pakai serum once all of the above dah settle and to my experience, it is better to apply serum once your hair is completely dry. 

Hair Mist gives the extra protection for hair, locks in and retains nutrients for stronger hair whilst eliminating bad odour for long-lasting hijab freshness. 

So, what's best in this new range of Safi Shayla Hair Fall Control? Once dah pakai, you can feel that it makes your hair 73% Stronger from the roots, 57% less hair falls from roots and 4.6X more voluminous hair. Since this is for hijab range, it also gives extra cooling and soothes the scalp as well. It is non greasy, fast drying and has that incredible refreshing floral scent!

Korang cuba lah range ni and let me know what you think! Berkesan sangat wei! 😃 

You may grab the range at Watsons and Guardian, exclusively! 

Till then,

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