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Switzerland Trip December 2021 - ZURICH & LUGANO (Day 1-4)

Assalamualaikum wbt and good day everyone. I know this blog has been LONG OVERDUE but I still feel like sharing some helpful information with everyone, especially those who are or will be going to Swiss for the first time ever. I don't say that I am an expert in providing advice when it comes to Swiss. This trip that I had was also my first time ever. It was a very last minute planned trip and I did my itinerary 2 days before flying to Swiss. I will share all my hotel's locations (plus the link - not affiliated) and also other helpful information in this blogpost entry. 

We boarded Emirates flight EK347 to Dubai from KLIA and departed at 7:10pm. This was our first-day flight ever. My flights to the international route would always be at midnight, as I ❤️ red-eye flights so that my daughter can sleep. But, no issue this time around; she's active and, most importantly, eating the flight meals. I am happy. She also gets to do some activities and play around with the cabin crew as well.

We arrived/touched down at DXB at 10:30pm (Dubai time) or 2:30am (Malaysia Time) and it was super early morning in Malaysia. We arrived at DXB with 10 hours of layover, our first time with such a long layover time, and we did not have any airport hotels booked at that point in time. I would suggest booking at least a capsule hotel at DXB for resting purposes. We slept in the sleeping chair in DXB and it was uncomfortable. We took turns sleeping as my daughter was not sleeping, not until 1-2 hours before we boarded the second flight from DXB to ZRH (Zurich), which was at 8:25am (Dubai time) or 12:25pm (Malaysia time)

We arrived in Zurich without having our thick jackets on and all of us were shivering right after we left the airport. We have 2 large luggage, 1 large 9kg Stoller and 1 cabin luggage bag. That stroller is a must when we travel abroad cause of the time differences, my daughter tends to take naps at odd hours and we can't just carry her around. She's like 17kg now haha. 

We arrived with a booked Blacklane drive but because we were late and got stuck at the immigration, the driver left. Well, we booked an uber driver and it turns out to be a Muslim driver. Alhandulillah. Our first local person (apart from the immigration officer and other airport staff) is a Muslim. Actually, we arrived in Swiss without any CHF cash at all so we went to the mall just opposite the airport arrival level, to cash out some CHF cash. We use Merchantrade and have pumped up money in our Merchantrade wallet. 

In Zurich, we stayed at Townhouse Boutique Hotel, very near to the Zurich HB or their main train station. The room was quite spacious and my main point was on the location. 3mins away to/from the train station, Starbucks was just 100 steps away and Coop was like 3mins walking away. 

Zurich at night, it was like 0°C and was super cold. We cannot even stay still for one second and Coop has been our heater for all our days in Zurich. I was just hoping for some snow to fall but unfortunately no snow at all. 

*View of Zurich HB from Starbucks nearby*

 We stayed in Zurich for 4 days and 3 nights, and spend one day in Lugano. It was a day trip and we went there by train, SBB CFF FFS. The view on the way was absolutely stunning! The reason being why we visited Lugano was because, we wanted to feel that Italian vibe still. If you must know, Switzerland can be divided into a few regions, based on the border of each canton. One is near to Germany, like Zurich and Basel. One is close to France like Geneva and one is relative to Italy like Lugano. 

We booked a hotel room, San Carlo Garni for us to relax although it is just a one day trip. I read that in Lugano, you can cover most of the places in one night as it is just a small area. If you like to explore for more than 1 day, you can take it easy by strolling around the town area. 

We tried some local dishes at an Italian looking restaurant, and I choose Cipolla Rosti which translates to Onion Rosti. IT WAS SO DELICIOUS! Rosti is my favourite dish as it contains...potatoes! Haha. In Lugano, everyone speaks Italy so we somehow feel like we were in Italy. 😃

After Zurich, we went to Basel. In my next post, I'll share about our Based & Bern trip. 😃 

Till then,

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